Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

ITV Pride

Established in 2012, ITV Pride is our company-wide LGBT+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and more) colleague network with over 300 members. The network's ambition is to make ITV Pride the best LGBT+ network in British media, supporting colleagues and programme makers and always striving to be at the heart of LGBT+ popular culture. 

ITV Pride’s focus is to deliver workplace equality, and raise awareness of LGBT+ initiatives within the workplace. It also provides a safe space for colleagues to meet and engage with other LGBT+ people at work.

The Network is led by three Co Chairs, Non Linear Schedule Executive Stephen Smyth who is based in Leeds, MultiStory Media Production Manager Joanna Lewis, based in Manchester and This Morning Senior Producer Oliver Juilian who is based in London.

The Co Chairs continue to work with Human Resources, the Diversity and Inclusion team and other departments to support network members. The Co Chairs have helped introduce a Transitioning at Work Policy, a non binary option for our non binary customers to sign up to our products and services and host events which explore how we can become more inclusive of the LGBT+ community. Network meetings and Social Lunches are held virtually with members from all over the UK and our global offices. 

In the past two years the ITV Pride Network has spread far and wide by establishing ITV Pride in our global sites including America, Sweden, Germany, The Netherlands and Australia. We’ve held joint network events that celebrate the true diversity of the LGBT+ spectrum, and we’ve established ITV Pride Day, a now annual date in the ITV diary, where we join together internationally and celebrate LGBT+ diversity at ITV.

The network supports the wider LGBT+ community by getting involved in local Pride parades, Student Pride, and collaborating with InterMediaUK to deliver initiatives which reach beyond the colleague community to the local community.

Co Chaired by: Joanna Lewis, Oliver Julian and Stephen Smyth and supported at senior level by Matt Scarff.

Board sponsor: Kelly Williams.

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion