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ITV Pridecast with Richard Arnold | Bringing a lighter side to TV news and interviewing the world's most famous people

On a daily basis, Richard Arnold is welcomed into people’s homes across the UK when he brings the entertainment and showbiz news to ITV’s Good Morning Britain. He’s been providing the lighter side to British breakfast television for more than twenty years with his great warmth, and of course his humour. On this ITV Pridecast, he chats to Liam McConkey about his career during the last two decades and shares some of the incredible stories about the people he’s met along the way.

Richard first became a household name on our screens in 1997 on GMTV, when at around 07:50 each morning he would present ‘Pick of the Day’- a rundown of some of the best things on TV that evening. That regular feature saw him referred to as the ‘ten-to-eight boy’, and for many people he became part of the fixtures and fittings of their daily routines. Richard continues to play that role now on Good Morning Britain as the show’s Entertainment Editor and has done so for almost a decade.

During his time reporting on entertainment news he’s not only critiqued an array of television programmes, he’s also interviewed some of the most famous people on the planet. From stars of the “small screen” to those in Hollywood, Richard has chatted with, as well as learnt from, some of the best in the showbusiness industry. During this episode he shares stories of having his lip-wiped by the one and only Barbra Striesand, to receiving great praise from the late Sir Michael Parkinson on his interview technique and style.

In the years Richard has been reviewing TV and movies, he says he’s also seen how the nature of programmes have changed and this is certainly so when there’s an LGBTQ+ storyline involved. As a gay man himself, he says there’s been a significant shift in the response from audiences towards LGBTQ+ characters. He recalls the tabloid outrage when Colin famously kissed Barry with a peck on the forehead in the 1987 episode of Eastenders, which made history as the first ever gay kiss in a UK soap opera. Fast forward to today, and Richard says dramas are leading the way in producing LGBTQ+ content for so many audiences to watch and love that is making a big difference in people’s lives.

You can watch Richard on weekday mornings on Good Morning Britain on ITV1.

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Logo of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

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