Who Are The ITV2 Blood Squad?

We’re the ITV2 Blood Squad and we want your blood!

Because this Halloween while ITV2 is scaring you silly, we’re proving blood donation doesn’t have to.

We’ve joined forces with the NHS Blood and Transplant, to dispel the fears and give you the facts on how easy, and incredible blood donation is.

Fear not!
Help save lives.
Join us and discover how to donate!

Can't Get An Appointment?

You may not get an appointment straight away –as the NHSBT are currently building stock of the specific blood types in preparation for Christmas. So it’s likely that an appointment date, time and location that suits you might not be available for a few months. Register now and book an appointment for the new year. If you want to donate sooner, then check out availability at one of our 23 permanent donor centres.

Matthew's Story

At the age of 22, Matthew was fit and healthy. One day, he unexpectedly found himself in A&E. He had a burst ulcer in his stomach which was causing a major bleed. He was in desperate need of a blood transfusion and ended up needing 6 pints of blood to save his life. This was only possible thanks to all the blood donors out there. Before his illness, Matthew hadn’t given blood and sadly now will never be able to.

I’m so grateful to all those who gave blood as their donations saved my life. I’d encourage anyone who can to register to blood and save lives like mine.

– Matthew

Busting Common Myths

In a poll of 1,000 adults, the fear of giving blood surpassed a list of widely known fears amongst the younger generation, which has resulted in many myths associated with giving blood. To address these misconceptions, we’ve provided a handy guide to the debunk the most common blood donation myths.

Blood Donation Hurts