Bharti Parmar

Bharti Parmar is an artist whose practice of over 25 years encompasses printmaking, sculpture and painting. She trained at the Royal College of Art and has a PhD in material culture studies.

Her recent work focusses on illusion and surfaces – and what we expect them to be, with a particular interest in wood, veneers and the craft of marquetry.

Bharti has been artist in residence on prestigious gallery programmes, most recently at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin and her work features in several institutional collections.

For ITV Creates, she has conceptualised the ITV ident as a 3-D sculpture that exploits common principles in marquetry such as ‘bookmatching’ veneers with recognisable designs (e.g. parquet, herringbone). Designed in similar colourways to the existing logo, her interpretation creatively subverts the scheme using decorative motifs.