Carleen De Sözer

Carleen De Sözer was born in Birmingham in the late seventies and is widely regarded as one of London’s most skilled and diverse aerosol and airbrush artists. She has found a place on the International street art scene with her highly appealing Afrocentric, Afrofuturistic and often golden paintings. Carleen’s distinct work can be seen all across London. Her most popular murals to date include Golden Utopia, You Have The Keys, Golden Era Hip Hop Raised Me and Grime Lords.

Carleen says, "I create art, firstly for myself – I enjoy tapping into that creative space in my imagination that allows me to turn thought into physical pictures. Sharing my art is a natural part of the creative process, we build on everything that exists... a thought... I believe that my art is a re-creation of every visual and thought that I have received from the creative flow that is life".