Charley Peters

Charley Peters is a London-based painter whose work is concerned with the spatial potential of the painted surface, on which she applies subtle variations in colour, tone and scale to construct illusionary light and structural depth.

For her ITV ident, Charley wanted to produce a walk-in wall and floor painting that considers the language of hard edge painting in the context of contemporary screen-based signifiers. Charley has been inspired by the evolution of television since its invention, and her work will draw on the aesthetics of broadcasting culture: logos, on-screen graphics, test cards and visual glitches, whilst suggesting the significant developments of television throughout its history; from monochrome to colour, analogue to digital.

Charley exhibits her work internationally, showing recently at Saatchi Gallery (London), PaintLounge at Sluice Expo 2018 (Berlin), Z20 Sara Zanin Gallery (Rome) and Art 2 (New York). She writes about painting for online and print publications, is a peer reviewer for The Journal of Contemporary Painting, and has recently been invited to join the editorial board of Turps Banana painting magazine. Charley has a PhD in Fine Art Theory and Practice and currently holds a part-time academic post at LCC/University of the Arts London, where she is a postgraduate Course Leader.