Hamed Maiye | Black History Month

Hamed is an interdisciplinary artist based in London. He explores themes revolving around visual archiving, surrealism & portraiture, using painting, photography, sculpture & performance as research tools.

An artist that works across various mediums including painting, sculpture & set design, Hamed is keen to explore how these mediums might meet at a single point. His recent pieces explore surrealism & Afro-Surrealism and how lived experience can manifest into art forms. Surrealism often reflects aspects of reality which are invisible; what happens when we use surrealism as a tool to explore history? Hamed's intention is to lend from the ideas of Afro-Surrealism and how Black artists have created their own narratives and histories which aren’t reflected in their lived landscapes.

Hamed's idea for his ITV logo looks to explore how he manipulates and creates his own landscape as an artist and how he can implement history and surrealism into a singular outcome.