James Brunt

James Brunt studied Fine Art at the Byam Shaw School of Art in London, graduating in 1997, and now lives and works in Yorkshire. He specialises in community-based arts projects.

James found his calling following a series of chance happenings. He says, “I was introduced to the work of a stone artist who works on a beach on the South Coast by a friend, who’d told me about his ‘magic’. Seeing the intricacies of his work led me to delve further into the art form and I quickly became part of a growing global community of practitioners. At the same time, I’d started to work with a photographer devising natural / playful activities to encourage children to embrace creativity. These two events fuelled my own growing passion for working outdoors, both with children through the Forest Schools I now run, and as an artist. Inspired by the connection to my surroundings and challenge of working with the elements.”

James’ work is transient in every sense, with arrangements created over the course of a day, sometimes lasting only minutes after completion before the process of reclamation by the natural world begins.