Jo Taylor

Jo Taylor is a freelance artist educator. Her work has been exhibited around the UK, in Europe and the US, and is held in a number of public and private collections.

Jo’s practice examines the relationship between artistry and architecture; details are re-interpreted acknowledging structure, light, form, surface and line. She combines techniques (hand building, extrusion, potter’s wheel) to create unique pieces by moving traditional ceramic skills away from the functional. References to Baroque, Rococo or Corinthian columns are evident yet the response is contemporary.

Disruption of traditional techniques extends to colour; work is fired once, unglazed, in order for the clay to communicate the marks, textures and surface without hindrance. Colouring the clay began in reference to Wedgwood; now taken further to encompass the full spectrum it is central to recent works. Composition of form is made instinctively during the build phase, a combination of technical skill, expression and drawing in three dimensions. Finished works can be free standing, wall hung or group assembly.