Julia Vogl

Julia Vogl’s social sculpture incorporate public engagement, architectural interventions and colour. She is resolved to create experiences and memories for the viewer, prompting discourse, while creating aesthetically rich works.

Julia aims to create works that reveal underlying cultural values. American and British, her public works have been on both sides of the Atlantic. She is not afraid to be ambitious, with a record of covering 6000 square feet of the Boston Common, in Massachusetts, with visual interpretations of 1800 individuals views on freedom and immigration in 2018. Or collaborating with 600 London’s Bow School students to convert their 100M fence into a data visualisation of their future aspirations and values.

Julia’s passion for colour and architecture has also contributed to an adjacent body of work - abstract drawings and prints. Theses drawings have been incorporated as textiles and installations – having recently finished a tapestry for a care home in Hull, understanding a spectrum of colour as the undulating nature of mental health. This dual practice is inspired by Christo and Jeanne Claude, Francis Alys and Sonia Delaunay.