King Owusu | Black History Month

King believes that creativity isn't all about what you make but how you see and how you can use that understanding to inspire you to breathe. This understanding has led him on a very fun and exciting journey that he is now navigating.

For King, being black isn't so much about how he sees things but more about how others see him. He thinks there is a time in every black person's life when they realise they are different. "Not different because I or anyone of my complexion are special or has any more or less magical qualities about them. But different because we are seen differently, be it through stereotypes or prejudice, there is an expectation of what it means to be black, what it means to see the world being black. Growing up we do have this understanding taught to us and parents tell us the reality of our situation and try to give us the tools to navigate and survive."

King's sculpture shows. "the duality of who I am being defined by what I look like rather than who I am based on my experiences."