Kristina Veasey

Kristina Veasey is a visual artist who likes to find positives in negative situations and beauty in the mundane. A former Paralympian and equality and diversity consultant, she is keen to explore ways to make her work more accessible to people. Some, though not all, of her work is influenced by the barriers she faces as a disabled person.

Kristina is fascinated by detail and drawn to the things most people pass by. She likes to add humour, quirkiness and a sense of fun to her work.

Kristina established and ran a community engagement group in her home town, delivering projects and outdoor events for ten years. She enjoys working with other people both within the community and when collaborating with other artists and professionals from other sectors. She has worked in many different types of community settings, particularly with groups who can be more marginalised: young people, disabled children, communities in deprivation, teenage parents and inclusion units.

Kristina has received a number of commissions for her work and has also received the LOCOG 2012 Inspire Mark for her project Beyond the Torch Run, funded by Grants for the Arts. Kristina's last installation work, My Dirty Secret! was commissioned by Unlimited and funded by Spirit of 2012. It was recently programmed by Southbank Centre as part of their Unlimited Festival. Kristina’s new project, Basketcase, has just been shortlisted by Unlimited for an R&D partnership with the Forest of Dean.