On The Mend & NHS Staff

On The Mend are the only creative studio in the UK to focus solely on health awareness. Their bespoke events, workshops and projects are designed to inform and educate people on the societal impacts on health and well-being. They provide a platform to empower those under-represented by the current healthcare system.

On The Mend's idea for their ITV ident was devised by Sophia Luu and Mathilda Della Torre. The idea sees each member of NHS staff given broken sections of the ITV logo each staff member mends the logo with a craft related to their profession. Forexample, a surgeon may be glueing pieces back together with filler. The piece emphasises the journey of the shapes from broken pieces into a ‘fixed’ whole.

Sophia, Mathilda and On The Mend were introduced to ITV by Imperial Health Charity, helping our hospitals do more through grants, arts, volunteering and fundraising. They also fund major redevelopments, research and medical equipment.