Sarah Harris & LeftCoast Makers

Sarah Harris is LeftCoast’s Creative Community Activist as well as an artist in her own right. She has worked as a community and socially engaged practitioner for five years and uses creative methods to engage with people for her role.

Starting out as a solitary portrait painter, over the years Sarah figured out that she's driven by working with people and communities, which has helped to provide real meaning to herwork and life. The exchange of experiences and skills, the challenges and the joy that isprevalent through the creating process can result in work that becomes a platform forsocial narratives that are quite often undercurrent in society. Sarah gets a buzz when she gets to see the power of art making changes in people’s lives.

Sarah is interested in using art as a tool for improving mental wellbeing. Having fun is veryimportant to her, she loves to celebrate people, the everyday, and of course storytelling.

LeftCoast are committed to using the arts as a route to develop people's identity, creativity and learning. They view their participant groups as resourceful agents who can be mobilised to tackle and prevent social problems and inequality in local communities.