Brandon Saunders

Brandon Saunders is 18 years old and currently studying in the UK at Newcastle University. Although he has spent a lot of time working with digital mediums, he has a great amount of respect for and tries to give equal time to traditional techniques, combining both in his practice.

Brandon's favourite kind of projects are the ones that throw him in the dark and requires him to learn something completely new. Sometimes he can find himself in his studio for hours, so projects that require him to expand his knowledge of the world (whether it be in circuitry or instrument building) are the ones he enjoys the most.

Emily Downing & Olivia Weston

Em & Liv are a creative team currently on placement at Saatchi & Saatchi. They share a love for all things visual and aim to create beautifully crafted work, taking pride in their creations and paying attention to detail at every stage. Admittedly, they also spend far too long on Pinterest.

Emily has a real passion for art and is always aiming to improve her craft, spending a lot of her spare time painting, drawing and, of course, doing henna. Olivia is a very passionate person, whether it be at work in her ideas and craft, or out on the netball court. She takes pride in everything she does.

Together they hope to thrive in the advertising industry and create work that is not only beautiful but has a positive impact.


121.Collective are a young and innovative Design & Build collective based in South West London that specialise in a range of small-scale architectural design projects. They offer a variety of services that transform ambitious visions into reality through close client interaction and understanding of architecture, construction, materials and a range of manufacturing processes.

Founded by two Kingston University Architecture graduates, Salah Krichen and Pablo Feito Boirac, 121.Collective has an ethos of a hands-on and collaborative approach to architecture. Their work ranges from small-scale residential design & builds, architectural installations, and community led projects that aim to support eco-friendly awareness and a strong community spirit.

As a collective, they believe that good design is one that embraces a curiosity to explore unique solutions that reflect their passion for craft and sustainability.

Julia Vogl

Julia Vogl’s social sculpture incorporate public engagement, architectural interventions and colour. She is resolved to create experiences and memories for the viewer, prompting discourse, while creating aesthetically rich works.

Julia aims to create works that reveal underlying cultural values. American and British, her public works have been on both sides of the Atlantic. She is not afraid to be ambitious, with a record of covering 6000 square feet of the Boston Common, in Massachusetts, with visual interpretations of 1800 individuals views on freedom and immigration in 2018. Or collaborating with 600 London’s Bow School students to convert their 100M fence into a data visualisation of their future aspirations and values.

Julia’s passion for colour and architecture has also contributed to an adjacent body of work - abstract drawings and prints. Theses drawings have been incorporated as textiles and installations – having recently finished a tapestry for a care home in Hull, understanding a spectrum of colour as the undulating nature of mental health. This dual practice is inspired by Christo and Jeanne Claude, Francis Alys and Sonia Delaunay.

Yvette Hawkins

Yvette Hawkins is a visual artist and designer of British-South Korean origin working across textiles, installation and sculpture.

Her work explores themes which encompass hybridity, tradition, migration and preservation which relate to ‘the cultural other’ and specifically about her mixed-race heritage and nomadic upbringing of occupying forty-five homes across two nations.

Craft also plays an important role in the making of Yvette’s work, often involving traditional skill-centred techniques such as bookbinding, embroidery and printmaking.

Yvette studied Textiles at Glasgow School of Art and graduated from a degree in Fine Art at Newcastle University in 2007. She also works to commission and has work in collections in Scotland, Italy, Australia, Japan and USA. Yvette’s work has been featured in books and magazines and was included in Book Art: Iconic Sculptures and Installations Made From Books (2011).

Sargent & Seers

Lindsay Seers works in London and lives on the Isle of Sheppey. She studied at the Slade School of Fine Art, University College London (BA Hons, Sculpture and Media 1991-94) and at Goldsmiths College, University of London (MA Fine Art 1999-2001), where she now works as a lecturer on MA Fine Art (0.2).

What constitutes Lindsay’s artistic practice is not mere storytelling, but a matrix where there is no formal separation between the conceptual investigation of the act of photography, the camera as apparatus, the common desire for film and photography to act as evidence of events, and the complex historical and personal syncronicities of events themselves.

Lindsay’s works are in a number of collections including Tate collection, Arts Council collection, Artangel collection and the collection of MONA, Tasmania. She has won several prestigious grants and awards such as the Sharjah Art Foundation Production Award, UAE; Le Jeu de Paume production award for the Toulouse Festival, France and the Paul Hamlyn Award.

Keith Sargent lives and works on the Isle of Sheppey. He studied at Bath Academy of Art and then at the Royal College of Art. A graphic designer, animator and film-maker: Keith is director of multi-disciplinary design company b#1 (buildingnumberone). Keith, as a book publisher, makes/designs/commissions books working with artists, photographers, illustrators and writers, produced numerous titles that have been sold worldwide. He has been collaborating with Lindsay Seers since designing the book 'Human Camera' in 2007.

Carleen De Sözer

Carleen De Sözer was born in Birmingham in the late seventies and is widely regarded as one of London’s most skilled and diverse aerosol and airbrush artists. She has found a place on the International street art scene with her highly appealing Afrocentric, Afrofuturistic and often golden paintings. Carleen’s distinct work can be seen all across London. Her most popular murals to date include Golden Utopia, You Have The Keys, Golden Era Hip Hop Raised Me and Grime Lords.

Carleen says, "I create art, firstly for myself – I enjoy tapping into that creative space in my imagination that allows me to turn thought into physical pictures. Sharing my art is a natural part of the creative process, we build on everything that exists... a thought... I believe that my art is a re-creation of every visual and thought that I have received from the creative flow that is life".

Rabiya Choudhry

Rabiya Choudhry is a visual artist whose work explores the themes of identity and cultural displacement in contemporary British society with a darkly comedic approach.

Her work expresses the complicated coupling of eastern and western cultures in richly vibrant portrayals of the different autobiographical factors present in her own life. She makes paintings; from large scale canvases, miniatures to murals, small painted sculptures to fabric works.

Rabiya was born in Glasgow 1982 and described by the Scotsman newspaper as, ‘one of the wildest and most distinctive artists to come out of a Scottish art school in many years.’ She has exhibited both nationally and internationally with selected exhibitions including, COCO!NUTS! at Transmission Gallery (2018), Standard Bearers at Edinburgh Art Festival (2018), Signs Of The Times at Tramway (2017) and DCA Thomson at Dundee Contemporary Arts (2016).