• A Fine Romance (13 episodes)
    A Fine Romance
    A Fine Romance (13 episodes)
    Husband and wife team Michael Williams and Judi Dench star in this comedy series. Dench plays Laura who is 37 and unmarried. Williams plays Mike, also single. Laura's sister is anxious to see Laura 'married off' and introduces her to Mike at a party.
  • A Matter of Life and Death
    Powell and Pressburger are at their most imaginative - and controversial - in this film starring David Niven as a British wartime aviator who cheats death but must argue for his life before a celestial court.
  • A Night To Remember
    In 1912, the 'unsinkable' Titanic sails from Southampton with 2207 passengers on board - then a look-out spots an iceberg looming up directly ahead.
  • A Night with Will Young
    In this unique special, starring one of the UK's best loved stars, Will Young showcases some of his biggest hits and brand new tracks in front of a live studio audience.
  • A Tale of Two Cities (2 episodes)
    A Tale of Two Cities
    A Tale of Two Cities (2 episodes)
    A dramatisation of Charles Dickens' novel. One of the classic love stories of all time, a story of passion, betrayal and ultimate self-sacrifice set in Paris and London against the turbulent backcloth of the French Revolution.
  • A Touch of Frost (25 episodes · 8 free)
    A Touch of Frost
    A Touch of Frost (25 episodes · 8 free)
    David Jason as Detective Inspector Jack Frost - an unconventional policeman with a sympathy for the underdog and an instinct for moral justice. Sloppy, disorganised and disrespectful he attracts trouble like a magnet.
  • Above Suspicion (11 episodes)
    Above Suspicion
    Above Suspicion (11 episodes)
    Rookie DC Anna Travis is determined to earn her peers' respect on her first murder case under the unorthodox guidance of DCI James Langton.
  • Ade at Sea (4 free episodes)
    Ade at Sea
    Ade at Sea (4 free episodes)
    New series in which Adrian Edmondson explores Britain's maritime past and its influence today.
  • Adventure Time (1 free episode)
    Adventure Time (Year 1)
    Adventure Time (1 free episode)
    Double bill of the children's animation. Finn and Princess Bubblegum must protect the Candy Kingdom. Finn must travel to Lumpy Space.
  • Afterlife (10 episodes · 1 free)
    Afterlife (10 episodes · 1 free)
    University Lecturer Robert Bridge and medium Alison Munday become involved in a number of supernatural events in this chilling drama series.
  • Agatha Christie's Marple (12 episodes · 7 free)
    The Sittaford Mystery
    Agatha Christie's Marple (12 episodes · 7 free)
    Agatha Christie's crime thrillers featuring the author's much-loved spinster sleuth Miss Jane Marple.
  • Agatha Christie's Poirot (38 episodes · 30 free)
    Agatha Christie's Poirot

    David Suchet stars as Agatha Christie's fictional detective Hercule Poirot in this collection of murder mysteries.

    Agatha Christie's Poirot
    Agatha Christie's Poirot (38 episodes · 30 free)
    David Suchet stars as Agatha Christie's fictional detective Hercule Poirot in this collection of murder mysteries.
  • The Agenda (4 free episodes)
    The Agenda
    The Agenda (4 free episodes)
    Topical chat with a sharp political edge hosted by ITV News Political Editor, Tom Bradby.
  • The Alan Titchmarsh Show (9 free episodes)
    The Alan Titchmarsh Show
    The Alan Titchmarsh Show (9 free episodes)
    Daily chat show with Alan Titchmarsh, featuring celebrity guests, music and discussion on the day's hot topics.
  • Albert's Memorial (1 episode)
    Albert's Memorial
    Albert's Memorial (1 episode)
    Old friends Harry and Frank travel to Germany to fulfil their former comrade Albert's dying wish, but the journey brings up painful secrets from the past.
  • Alfresco (16 episodes)
    Alfresco (16 episodes)
    Six faces new to television, but already known to connoisseurs of comedy around Britain, bring their own brand of humour to Alfresco.
  • All in the Game (1 episode)
    All in the Game (1 episode)
    Ray Winstone stars as a tyrannical football manager, supplementing his income with moneymaking scams. He strays into increasingly dangerous territory when a plan is hatched involving a hugely talented young player.
  • Almost Naked Animals (25 free episodes)
    Almost Naked Animals
    Almost Naked Animals (25 free episodes)
    Irreverent fast-paced comedy built around the antics of a group of underwear-clad animals set in a beach front hotel, the Banana Cabana.
  • Amanda Holden's Fantasy Lives
    Each episode sees Amanda plunge herself into a different fantasy life as she sets out to uncover the hard work, day to day reality and grit that lies beneath the glamorous public face of each role.
  • Amazing Greys (1 free episode)
    Amazing Greys
    Amazing Greys (1 free episode)
    Paddy McGuinness and Angela Rippon present the game show in which a series of confident young challengers take on some of the UK's most celebrated senior citizens.
  • The Americans (4 free episodes)
    Episode 0005
    The Americans (4 free episodes)
    The Americans is a period drama about the complex marriage of two KGB spies posing as Americans in suburban Washington D.C. shortly after Ronald Regan is elected President.
  • An Audience with Muhammad Ali
    In 1974 Muhammad Ali, possibly the greatest fighter and talker the world has ever seen, held an invited audience captive with his charm at ITV's famous studios.
  • An Audience with... (9 episodes)
    Audience with Kenneth Williams
    An Audience with... (9 episodes)
    This entertainment programme features various stars from the worlds of television, music, comedy and film entertaining celebrity audiences.
  • An Unsuitable Job for a Woman
    Cordelia Gray is a young and feisty female private detective in a murder mystery series based on the best-selling novel by PD James. When she inherits a detective agency she is thrown in at the deep end of an exciting, but often dangerous career.
  • Animal Kingdom (6 episodes)
    Episode 0001
    Animal Kingdom (6 episodes)
    Wildlife expert Steve Leonard brings us the beauty and wonder of life from the Erindi Game Reserve in Namibia. His expert guidance, matched with awesome footage from specialist secret camera traps, deliver incredible stories of wildlife survival.
  • Annie and Betty's Coronation Street Memories
    Annie Walker and Betty Turpin reminisce about Christmases past on the street in this special episode. The Street is putting on the panto Cinderella for the second time and they look back to the first time and remember the frantic preparations.
  • Episode 0007
    Live Saturday night entertainment show presented by Ant and Dec where a member of the studio audience has the chance to win all the products advertised during an ad break from earlier in the week.
  • Appropriate Adult (1 episode)
    Episode 0002
    Appropriate Adult (1 episode)
    The story of Gloucester housewife Janet Leach who played a key role in the uncovering of the crimes of Fred and Rosemary West.
  • Arsenal Classics (7 episodes)
    Arsenal Classics
    Arsenal Classics (7 episodes)
    From the glorious double winning side of 1971 to George Graham's Champions and Arsene Wenger's Invincibles, see some of Arsenal's greatest players in action in this unique collection of classic matches from the ITV Sports vaults.
  • Art Attack (12 free episodes)
    Art Attack
    Art Attack (12 free episodes)
    Fast-moving art show packed with tips, teasers and eye-catching visuals.
  • At Home with the Braithwaites
    This unusual and popular comedy drama focuses on family life and how a 38 million pound lottery win gives Alison Braithwaite (Amanda Redman) the chance to do something for herself, while her entire family lurches from one crisis to another.
  • Auction Party (10 episodes)
    Auction Party (10 episodes)
    Auction Party brings two families who've never previously met and challenges them to organize a fund- raising party together.The two families are cut from very different cloth, but collaboration is crucial if their event is to prove a sellout sucess.
  • Auf Wiedersehen My Pet (19 free episodes)
    Auf Wiedersehen My Pet
    Auf Wiedersehen My Pet (19 free episodes)
    Brand new series which follows the plight of pet owners who are forced to find new homes for their much-loved animals.
  • Ax Men (4 free episodes)
    Ax Men
    Ax Men (4 free episodes)
    Series following the work of North American lumberjacks as they risk their lives to cut timber, facing mechanical failures, unpredictable terrain and falling trees.


  • Bad Timing
    Art Garfunkel stars as a psychoanalyst who embarks on a passionate affair with a beautiful young woman. When she is unfaithful, he becomes increasingly possessive. She is brought to hospital after overdosing on pills but the police suspect foul play.
  • Band of Gold (18 episodes)
    Band of Gold
    Band of Gold (18 episodes)
    A gritty, contemporary thriller from the pen of Kay Mellor, set in Yorkshire and London that focuses on the world of prostitution.
  • Barbara (2 free episodes)
    Barbara (2 free episodes)
    Comedy series. Barbara Liversidge is a woman with a tongue sharper than a chainsaw, and she unleashes it at the slightest provocation. Starring Gwen Taylor and Sam Kelly.
  • Benidorm (9 free episodes)
    Benidorm (9 free episodes)
    Comedy series following regular and first-time holidaymakers as they visit the Solana Resort in Benidorm. All the guests have one thing in common: a quest to get value for their hard-earned Euros.
  • The Big Reunion (2 free episodes)
    The Big Reunion (2 free episodes)
    10 years after they ruled pop, for one night only, six chart-topping groups will be reunited. The Big Reunion will follow their every step, as their worlds are turned upside down after years away from the spotlight.
  • Big Star's Little Star (4 free episodes)
    Big Star's Little Star
    Big Star's Little Star (4 free episodes)
    Big Star's Little Star will give viewers a peak into the star's home life. What embarrassing secrets or cringe worthy crushes will come to light to leave their parents red faced? And will the Little Star reveal a little bit more than they should?
  • Big Time Rush (1 free episode)
    Big Time Rush
    Big Time Rush (1 free episode)
    A look at life for the members of a boy band who are trying to make it big in the music industry.
  • The Big Town
    The bright, neon lights of 1950s Chicago provide the backdrop for this gambling drama starring Matt Dillon, Tommy Lee Jones and Diane Lane.
  • The Biggest Loser (8 episodes)
    Episode 0001
    The Biggest Loser (8 episodes)
    Fourteen overweight contestants begin their journey in the toughest, hardest and most shocking series to date. But which team will face elimination at the first weigh-in?
  • Billy Connolly turns explorer as he embarks on a rare and remote journey - attempted and failed by hundreds before him - through the treacherous Northwest Passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific.
  • Birds of a Feather (2 free episodes)
    Birds of a Feather
    Birds of a Feather (2 free episodes)
    Linda Robson, Pauline Quirke and Lesley Joseph reprise their roles as the original Essex girls - Sharon, Tracey and Dorian.
  • Black Narcissus
    This Oscar-winning Powell and Pressburger classic is set in a community of nuns high in the Himalayas whose spiritual aims are hampered by the arrival of a beautiful native girl and a young general.
  • The Bletchley Circle (3 episodes)
    Episode 0001
    The Bletchley Circle (3 episodes)
    Four ordinary women with an extraordinary flair for code-breaking and razor-sharp intelligence skills are the focus of ITV's new murder mystery drama, The Bletchley Circle.
  • Blind Ambition
    Robson Green stars as Richard Thomas, an athlete aspiring to make the Olympic team, whose life is shattered when a tragic car accident leaves him blinded.
  • Blithe Spirit
    Novelist Charles Condomine and his second wife Ruth hold a seance, during which Charles' first wife appears in front of him. The group then attempt to send her back, with hilarious results.
  • Blood Relatives
    From the acclaimed French auteur Claude Chabrol comes a chilling thriller about love and murder. One night a young girl runs into a Montreal police station covered in blood and screaming. Nearby the mutilated body of another young woman is found.
  • Bloodlines (2 episodes)
    Episode 0001
    Bloodlines (2 episodes)
    Tense, intriguing thriller about murder and torn loyalties. Justine and Mark haven't seen their father since he was jailed for murder. When someone close to them is killed, suspicion falls on their recently released father.
  • Bob Monkhouse on Campus
    Veteran comedian Bob Monkhouse engages in a sharp battle of wits with the students at Oxford University as he addresses the renowned Oxford Union.
  • Bomb Girls (4 free episodes)
    Bomb Girls
    Bomb Girls (4 free episodes)
    A Canadian drama set in the 1940s. Bomb Girls tells the story of women who risked their lives in a munition factory to build bombs for the Allies fighting on the European front.
  • Boon (13 episodes)
    Box 13
    Boon (13 episodes)
    Michael Elphick stars as ex-fireman Ken Boon. Determined not to become another unemployment statistic, he advertises his services in the local paper with the words 'Anything Legal Considered'. Also starring Neil Morrissey.
  • Borderline
    Action packed suspense thriller starring Charles Bronson as a compassionate patrolman policing the California-Mexico border. When his best friend is murdered, he sets out to destroy a gang of inhumane smugglers who are exploiting Mexican immigrants.
  • Bottom Knocker Street (32 free episodes)
    Bottom Knocker Street
    Bottom Knocker Street (32 free episodes)
    Bottom Knocker Street is a surreal, funny and entirely British series which aims to bring the essence of comics such as Beano and Dandy to the TV screen.
  • Bouquet of Barbed Wire (3 free episodes)
    Episode 0001
    Bouquet of Barbed Wire (3 free episodes)
    A TV sensation in the 1970s based on Andrea Newman's taboo-busting novel, this modern reworking explores the consequences of a father's obsessive love for his daughter and how secrets from the past return to haunt the Manson family.
  • Boxing Classics (5 episodes)
    Eubank v Watson I - 22.6.91
    Boxing Classics (5 episodes)
    A chance to see some of the biggest and best fights shown on British television, featuring original ITV commentary.
  • Boy Meets Girl (4 episodes)
    Boy Meets Girl
    Boy Meets Girl (4 episodes)
    When B&Q employee Danny Reed is caught along with local journalist Veronica Burton in a huge electrical explosion, the last thing Danny expects is to wake up inside Veronica's body. Now he has to learn to be a woman.
  • The Boys From Brazil
    Based on Ira Levin's best-selling novel and set in the late 1970s, this gripping drama concerns a fanatical Nazi cloning Adolph Hitler in an attempt to groom a future Fuhrer. Starring Lawrence Olivier, Gregory Peck and Steve Guttenberg.
  • Brideshead Revisited (11 episodes)
    Et in Arcadia Ego
    Brideshead Revisited (11 episodes)
    Evelyn Waugh's drama about a generation of wealthy, careless, independent men and women clinging to a way of life eroded by one war and soon to be swept away by another. Starring Anthony Andrews and Jeremy Irons.
  • The Brief (8 episodes)
    The Brief (8 episodes)
    Alan Davies stars as Henry Farmer, a criminal practice barrister engaged in an ongoing fight for justice in the courtroom.
  • Brief Encounter
    Laura Jesson accidentally meets Dr Alex Harvey, at a railway station. As their acquaintance grows, so does their love, despite both being married with children. On the brink of an affair, the two must make a choice that may part them forever.
  • Britain's Best Dish (40 episodes)
    Coventry 1
    Britain's Best Dish (40 episodes)
    A gourmet cooking programme aimed at discovering Britain's tastiest home-grown recipes. Cooks from across the country serve up their signature dishes in front of a judging panel as they compete in regional and national finals.
  • Britain's Got More Talent (1 free episode)
    Britain's Got More Talent
    Britain's Got More Talent (1 free episode)
    Britain's Got More Talent features backstage gossip and behind the scenes exclusives from one of the nation's biggest talent shows.
  • Britain's Got Talent (1 free episode)
    Episode 0001
    Britain's Got Talent (1 free episode)
    The search for Britain's next best talent act, featuring singers, dancers, comedians, variety, and unusual talents of all kinds.
  • British Touring Cars Championship
    Coverage of Britain's most exciting and most talked about motor racing championship.
  • Bugsy Malone
    New York, 1929. A war between two rival gangsters, Fat Sam and Dandy Dan. Dan is in possession of the dreaded 'splurge gun'. Can Bugsy Malone get the girl and help Fat Sam defend his business against the deadly Dan and his dastardly tricks?
  • Bundesliga Football Highlights (5 free episodes)
    Bundesliga Football Highlights
    Bundesliga Football Highlights (5 free episodes)
    Football action from one of Europe's toughest leagues - Germany's Bundesliga.


  • Cadfael (13 episodes)
    The Virgin in the Ice
    Cadfael (13 episodes)
    Cadfael is a monk at the grand Shrewsbury Abbey during the 12th century, having turning his back on the great crusades where he served as both a soldier and a sailor. He cannot suppress his natural inquisitiveness, nor can he resist a mystery.
  • Capricorn One
    The whole world is watching the first manned flight to Mars, whilst its three astronauts are plunged into a hair-raising battle for survival within a clandestine operation involving intrigue and murder.
  • Captain Scarlet (16 episodes · 1 free)
    The Mysterons
    Captain Scarlet (16 episodes · 1 free)
    Its 2065 and Earth's security organisation, Spectrum, spearheads an expedition to Mars. The inhabitants mistakenly think the arrival of the earthling's is an attack. Captains Scarlet and Black are captured and given the power to recreate themselves.
  • The Car Chasers (5 free episodes)
    The Car Chasers (5 free episodes)
    US reality series which follows the exploits of ace motor dealer Jeff Allen and his team in Lubbock, Texas known as the Flat 12.
  • Doctor Tinkle (Kenneth Williams) presides over the wards at Borough County Hospital, where patients, doctors and nurses alike all harbour hidden passions for each other. His stern demeanour is disrupted by Nurse Sandra May (Barbara Windsor).
  • Carry On Laughing (13 episodes)
    Carry on Laughing
    Carry On Laughing (13 episodes)
    A hilarious series of 13 original half-hour comedies told in the Carry On style. The stories range from historical parodies to spoofs of the great TV dramas of the day and feature many of the cast from the Carry On films.
  • India, 1895 and the British colonials rule. The natives are ready to revolt, prevented from acting only through fear of Britain's famous "Devils in Skirts", the Scottish regiment protecting the Khyber pass.
  • Catchphrase (4 free episodes)

    Stephen Mulhern hosts a brand new contemporary remake of the iconic 80s gameshow, where two contestants have to identify a familiar catchphrase from an anima...

    Catchphrase (4 free episodes)
    Stephen Mulhern hosts a brand new contemporary remake of the iconic 80s gameshow, where two contestants have to identify a familiar catchphrase from an animation clip.
  • Celebrity Chase (1 free episode)
    Celebrity Chase
    Celebrity Chase (1 free episode)
    Celebrity series of The Chase. Contestants must pit their wits against the Chaser, a ruthless quiz genius determined to stop them winning the cash prize.
  • Celebrity Juice (25 episodes · 4 free)
    Celebrity Juice
    Celebrity Juice (25 episodes · 4 free)
    The tabloid focused quiz show based on the nation's obsession with all things celebrity. Hosted by Keith Lemon.
  • The Champions (23 episodes)
    The Champions
    The Champions (23 episodes)
    They are crime-fighters with superhuman powers - three secret agents who mysteriously gained their powers after a plane crash that should have been fatal. The Champions become foremost agents for the crime-fighting agency, Nemesis.
  • Chancer (7 episodes · 1 free)
    Chancer (7 episodes · 1 free)
    He's rude, arrogant, ingenious, unprincipled - and utterly charming. In the role that led to film stardom, Clive Owen is simply dazzling as Stephen Crane - con artist, swindler, and purported savior of a struggling sports car company.
  • The Chase (14 free episodes)
    The Chase
    The Chase (14 free episodes)
    Quiz show where four contestants must pit their wits against the Chaser, a ruthless quiz genius determined to stop them winning the cash prize.
  • Chelsea Classics (8 episodes)
    Chelsea Classics
    Chelsea Classics (8 episodes)
    See some of the greatest players and finest goals in Chelsea Blue in this unique collection of vintage Chelsea matches from the last 30 years.
  • Christmas Lights (3 episodes)
    Christmas Lights
    Christmas Lights (3 episodes)
    In this comedy drama two friends forget what the festive season is really all about. The neighbours are always trying to outshine one another, especially when it comes to Christmas decorations, and soon both men become obsessed with the rivalry.
  • Close and True (6 episodes)
    Miss Newcastle
    Close and True (6 episodes)
    Robson Green stars as John Close, a successful commercial lawyer who returns to his hometown of Newcastle to take over a run-down legal aid practice.
  • Cold Blood (3 free episodes)
    Cold Blood (3 free episodes)
    Intelligent detective drama with a story of impossible love threaded through the gripping plot. Brian Wicklow plays a game of psychological cat and mouse with detective Eve Granger and her ex-lover Jake.
  • Cold Feet (30 episodes · 1 free)
    Cold Feet
    Cold Feet (30 episodes · 1 free)
    Follow the lives and loves of six thirty-somethings as they try to find true love - or at least keep their relationships on track - in this wry and funny look at a generation which is as confused as it is liberated by the choices it faces.
  • Collision (5 episodes)
    Episode 0001
    Collision (5 episodes)
    Troubled detective John Tolin returns to work after an extended period of leave, and is handed a complicated case involving a shocking road traffic accident.
  • Come Rain Come Shine (1 free episode)
    Come Rain Come Shine
    Come Rain Come Shine (1 free episode)
    David Jason stars as ex-docker Don Mitchell. Don is proud of his son David, but when David's life starts to unravel under a mountain of debt, family bonds are tested to the limit.
  • Coronation Street (21 free episodes)
    Episode 8366
    Coronation Street (21 free episodes)
    'Coronation Street' is the story of working people and the city street in which they live. The show has been seen all around the world and has remained in the top viewing ratings throughout its long lifetime.
  • 50 Years, 50 Moments (1)
    Some of the nation's favourite moments from Coronation Street are revisited in interviews with various cast members from throughout the history of the show.
  • Episode 0001
    Coronation Street spin-off, based in Brighton and Calais, which heralds the return of Street legends Bet Gilroy, Reg Holdsworth and Vicky McDonald - and also stars Weatherfield wide-boys Steve McDonald and Vikram Desai.
  • Cracker (22 episodes · 13 free)

    Critically-acclaimed detective drama starring Robbie Coltrane as the wise-cracking Dr. Eddie 'Fitz' Fitzgerald. Coltrane gives a memorable performance as the...

    Cracker (22 episodes · 13 free)
    Critically-acclaimed detective drama starring Robbie Coltrane as the wise-cracking Dr. Eddie 'Fitz' Fitzgerald. Coltrane gives a memorable performance as the uncompromising expert criminal psychologist.
  • Crazy Beaches (1 free episode)
    Crazy Beaches
    Crazy Beaches (1 free episode)
    Series exposing all the drunken fun and hedonism in the infamous Greek resort of Malia.
  • The Crocodile Hunter Diaries (11 free episodes)
    The Crocodile Hunter Diaries
    The Crocodile Hunter Diaries (11 free episodes)
    Behind the scenes at Australia Zoo featuring the daily lives of animals and staff alike. With Steve Irwin and his wife Terri.
  • The Cube (4 free episodes)
    The Cube
    The Cube (4 free episodes)
    Contestants battle to win a top prize of 250,000 pounds. Each of them must complete apparently simple tasks while under the spotlight in a large perspex cube; each task is worth a prize and the contestants will have to work hard to stay in the game.
  • Cycling Highlights (1 free episode)
    Cycling Highlights (1 free episode)
    Coverage of cycling highlights from France's classic tour races.


  • Dads (3 free episodes)
    Dads (Season 1)
    Dads (3 free episodes)
    Sitcom from the team behind the animated hit Family Guy. The show focuses on two successful video game developers whose lives are changed forever when their dads move in with them.
  • Daily Cooks Challenge (9 episodes)
    Episode 0002
    Daily Cooks Challenge (9 episodes)
    Antony Worrall Thompson is the host as two chefs attempt to impress with their dishes. They battle it out in three cookery challenges to be judged by a brand new celebrity guest each day.
  • Dame Edna (1 episode)
    A Night on Mount Edna
    Dame Edna (1 episode)
    In a series of shows, the irrepressible Australian unleashes her spiked wit and charm on a host of international celebrities who are almost as famous as the Dame herself. See some individual series for more detailed synopses.
  • Dangerous Dogs (2 free episodes)
    Dangerous Dogs
    Dangerous Dogs (2 free episodes)
    Two-part documentary which takes a graphic look at the dramatic rise in the number of dog attacks in the UK.
  • Daybreak (4 free episodes)
    Episode 0075
    Daybreak (4 free episodes)
    Breakfast time current affairs and entertainment show.
  • Dead Ringers
    Tense psychological thriller starring Jeremy Irons as identical twins who turn into world-renowned gynaecologists. Both are troubled by an unbreakable bond until a woman comes between them.
  • Deadtime Stories (5 free episodes)
    Deadtime Stories
    Deadtime Stories (5 free episodes)
    Chilling stories based on the book series of the same name by Annette and Gina Cascone.
  • Defence of the Realm
    Two reporters, Nick and Vernon, receive an anonymous tip-off that a political scandal is about to break. When Vernon suddenly dies, Nick begins to realise the story goes far deeper than anyone imagined and that Vernon knew too much.
  • Department S (27 episodes)
    Last Train To Rebridge
    Department S (27 episodes)
    Two men, one woman: three extraordinary agents challenged by the impossible, fuelled by injustice and entwined by intrigue. When the case is a puzzle, Department S finds the missing pieces dealing with Interpol's most unsolvable cases.
  • Dickinson's Real Deal (13 free episodes)
    Dickinson's Real Deal
    Dickinson's Real Deal (13 free episodes)
    David Dickinson and the team travel the country hoping for some good deals. But will the locals take the cash for their antiques or gamble at auction?
  • Digimon Fusion (8 free episodes)
    Digimon Fusion
    Digimon Fusion (8 free episodes)
    Animated series about a boy called Mikey Kudou who uses the power of joining together Digimon in order to save the Digital World.
  • Dinner Date (22 free episodes)
    Dinner Date

    Dinner Date puts love on the menu for single guys and girls. Each programme gives one lucky person the chance to find true love over three meals cooked by a ...

    Dinner Date
    Dinner Date (22 free episodes)
    Dinner Date puts love on the menu for single guys and girls. Each programme gives one lucky person the chance to find true love over three meals cooked by a blind date in their own home.
  • Dino Dan (46 free episodes)
    Dino Dan
    Dino Dan (46 free episodes)
    Join paleontologist-in-training Dan Henderson as he takes kids on a Jurassic journey to the land where lizards were as long as three school buses and terrifying T-Rexs ruled.
  • Doc Martin (5 free episodes)
    Doc Martin
    Doc Martin (5 free episodes)
    Successful surgeon Dr Martin Ellingham relocates to the seaside village of Portwenn in Cornwall; but his gruff demeanour and poor bedside manner bring him into conflict with the locals as he begins his new life as a GP.
  • Doctor at Large
    This is part of the hugely popular Doctor series of films, with Dirk Bogarde reprising his role as Dr Simon Sparrow.
  • Doctor in the House
    Dirk Bogarde plays the wide-eyed, innocent medical student Simon Sparrow arriving at St Swithin's Hospital - where he must master the problems of patients, teachers, nurses and an over-friendly landlady's daughter!
  • Downton Abbey (30 episodes)
    Christmas Special
    Downton Abbey (30 episodes)
    Maggie Smith, Hugh Bonneville and Elizabeth McGovern star in a glittering period drama following the lives of the aristrocratic Crawley family on their estate, Downton.
  • Dr Zhivago (3 episodes)
    Dr Zhivago
    Dr Zhivago (3 episodes)
    Dramatic mini-series set against the tumultuous background of World War One and the Russian Revolution. This is the gripping story of anguished poet and physician Dr Zhivago, torn between love for his wife Tonya and passion for Lara.
  • Duty Free (5 free episodes)
    Duty Free

    The hilarious, eventful and at times traumatic adventures of two couples, the Pearsons and the Cochrans who are on holiday in Spain.

    Duty Free
    Duty Free (5 free episodes)
    The hilarious, eventful and at times traumatic adventures of two couples, the Pearsons and the Cochrans who are on holiday in Spain.


  • The Eagle Has Landed
    The action and suspense is non-stop in this unrelenting World War II thriller about a German plot to capture Winston Churchill. Based on Jack Higgins' international best-seller.
  • Eagle's Wing
    This lyrical western, set among the savage landscape of canyons and plains of New Mexico, features Martin Sheen as city-bred Pike who travels to the badlands with experienced trapper Henry to buy pelts from a Commanche chief.
  • Edge of Heaven (2 free episodes)
    Edge of Heaven
    Edge of Heaven (2 free episodes)
    Comedy drama series set in a Margate guesthouse, featuring feisty Judy Taylor-Chatterjee, her husband and chef Tandeep and Judy's grown-up children.
  • Educating Joey Essex (1 free episode)
    Educating Joey Essex
    Educating Joey Essex (1 free episode)
    Phillip Schofield narrates as the endearlingly naive reality star Joey Essex heads out of his comfort zone and into the wilds of South Africa's world-famous Kruger National Park.
  • Eleventh Hour (4 episodes)
    Eleventh Hour (4 episodes)
    Patrick Stewart stars as professor Ian Hood, a roving troubleshooter. The former physics professor is now Special Advisor to the government with a remit to tackle human crises and potential disasters caused by modern science.
  • Emmerdale (26 free episodes)
    Emmerdale (26 free episodes)
    Emmerdale is one of Britain's best-loved and popular long-running soaps. Set in the heart of the beautiful Yorkshire Dales, this realistic down-to-earth drama superbly chronicles the joys and the heartbreaks of a tightly-knit countryside community.
  • Endeavour (3 free episodes)

    The early days of a young Endeavour Morse, whose experiences as a detective constable with the Oxford City Police will ultimately shape his future.

    Endeavour (3 free episodes)
    The early days of a young Endeavour Morse, whose experiences as a detective constable with the Oxford City Police will ultimately shape his future.
  • Exposure (2 free episodes)
    Exposure (2 free episodes)
    Exposure brings together films made by different producers across a range of subject matter - including those on foreign and domestic topics, and both human stories and exclusive investigations.


  • FA Cup (3 free episodes)
    FA Cup
    FA Cup (3 free episodes)
    The FA Cup is the oldest Cup competition in the world. ITV follows the fortunes of the teams as they take part in this year's knockout competition.
  • FA Youth Cup (1 free episode)
    FA Youth Cup
    FA Youth Cup (1 free episode)
    Coverage of the FA Youth Cup 2012 - 2013.
  • The Fabulous Baker Boys
    Starring Michelle Pfeiffer and real-life brothers Jeff and Beau Bridges, this film is a salute to music, friendship, family and following your dreams. The Boys hire a singer, Susie, to liven up their act but tensions mount as romance blossoms.
  • Faith in the Future (11 free episodes)
    Faith in the Future
    Faith in the Future (11 free episodes)
    Faith Greyshot (Lynda Bellingham) is newly divorced and ready to enjoy single life in her new flat and new career as an art teacher.
  • Fake Reaction (3 free episodes)
    Fake Reaction
    Fake Reaction (3 free episodes)
    Two teams try to keep a straight face while secretly enduring anything from an electric shock to having a bird peck food off their head.
  • Fever Pitch - The Closest Championship Ever
    Featuring the most dramatic finish ever seen in English league football, as Liverpool had the title taken away by Arsenal in the final minute of the final game of the season.
  • FM (6 episodes)
    FM (6 episodes)
    Comedy series following three radio DJs as they attempt to pull together a daily show. They face unreliable recording artists, Dom's relentless partying and boyband past and Lindsay's eternal wish to become a top club DJ and look hot in skinny jeans.
  • Fool Britannia (6 episodes · 2 free)
    Fool Britannia
    Fool Britannia (6 episodes · 2 free)
    Armed with a truckload of hidden cameras and devious disguises, no one is safe as comedian Dom Joly unleashes a host of brand new characters and pranks across the UK.
  • A look at some of the best matches between Manchester's bitter footballing rivals.
  • A look at some of the best matches between Merseyside's bitter footballing rivals.
  • Football's Greatest Rivalries - North London
    A look at some of the best matches between bitter North London footballing rivals.
  • Football's Greatest Rivalries - Red Rivalry
    A look at some of the best matches between bitter Red footballing rivals.
  • The Forsyte Saga (7 episodes)
    Episode 0001
    The Forsyte Saga (7 episodes)
    This sexy and powerful drama spans three generations of the upwardly mobile Forsyte family at the turn of the 20th century and is based on the classic novels by Nobel Prize-winning author John Galsworthy.
  • The Fourth Protocol
    Cold War thriller. America, Britain and Russia have signed a treaty to halt the spread of nuclear weapons. But the Russians plan to break the fourth protocal and destroy NATO. Spycatcher John Preston races against an unknown deadline to stop them.
  • Foyle's War (2 free episodes)
    Foyle's War
    Foyle's War (2 free episodes)
    Writer Anthony Horowitz blends real-life war stories with tales of treachery and suspense in this crime drama series. Foyle is a detective who spends World War Two policing Hastings, waging his own personal war amidst the tumult of the larger one.
  • Fried Green Tomatoes
    Two story lines of past and present are skillfully woven together in this charming film. A memorable southern yarn about friendship, food and murder starring two Oscar-winning actresses, Jessica Tandy and Kathy Bates.


  • Goodnight Mister Tom (1 free episode)
    Goodnight Mister Tom
    Goodnight Mister Tom (1 free episode)
    World War II drama. A curmudgeonly widower living in a small village takes in a painfully shy evacuee from London and teaches him to read, write and draw.
  • Grafters (16 episodes)
    Episode 0001
    Grafters (16 episodes)
    Robson Green and Stephen Tompkinson star as dysfunctional brothers who run their own building business. Forced to work together, the two Geordie labourers couldn't be more different.
  • Great Expectations
    'Great Expectations' tells the story of Pip, a blacksmith's apprentice who comes into a handsome property.
  • The Great Gatsby
    Mira Sorvino, Toby Stephens and Paul Rudd head a prestigious cast in this sumptuous adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic novel of doomed love and ambition, set in the high society of 1920s New York.
  • Great Night Out (5 episodes)
    Episode 0002
    Great Night Out (5 episodes)
    Comedy drama series following four thirty-something men who bicker and bond their way through a weekly night roistering on the tiles in Stockport.
  • The Guilty (3 episodes)
    Episode 0001
    The Guilty (3 episodes)
    Lives are torn apart and relationships fractured forever when a young child goes missing. Five years later, DCI Maggie Brand leads a new investigation and puts at risk her own happy family life.


  • Hammer House of Horror (10 episodes)
    Witching Time
    Hammer House of Horror (10 episodes)
    Hammer, the name synonymous with horror to millions around the world, presents a collection of the most spine-tingling movies this side of hell.
  • Harry's Game (3 episodes)
    Episode 0001
    Harry's Game (3 episodes)
    Captain Harry Brown is sent undercover to Belfast to track down a killer following the ruthless assassination of a British Cabinet Minister by the IRA. So begins a deadly game of cat and mouse in which one slip means death.
  • Harry's South Pole Heroes (1 free episode)
    Episode 0002
    Harry's South Pole Heroes (1 free episode)
    Documentary about the Walking with the Wounded South Pole Allied Challenge 2013. Four wounded British soldiers led by Prince Harry take on two other teams in a race to the pole.
  • Heartbeat (23 free episodes)

    This drama series evokes the mood of the swinging 60s in a peaceful countryside setting. Based on the Constable books by Nicholas Rhea, Heartbeat combines hu...

    Heartbeat (23 free episodes)
    This drama series evokes the mood of the swinging 60s in a peaceful countryside setting. Based on the Constable books by Nicholas Rhea, Heartbeat combines humour, drama and compelling characters.
  • Hell on Wheels (1 free episode)
    Hell on Wheels (Year 2)
    Hell on Wheels (1 free episode)
    Set in 1865, the series centers on the settlement that accompanied the construction of the first transcontinental railroad, referred to as 'Hell on Wheels' by the company men, surveyors, support workers, laborers, prostitutes and mercenaries.
  • Hell's Kitchen USA (28 episodes)
    Episode 0001
    Hell's Kitchen USA (28 episodes)
    Gordon Ramsay's culinary boot camp moves to the USA as the terrifying world-renowned Head Chef slices and dices a group of wannabe Cordon Bleu cooks and aspiring restaurateurs, to find out who deserves the top prize of their own restaurant.
  • Henry V
    Laurence Olivier plays the young king Henry V, persuaded by those around him to claim the Crown of France.
  • Henry VIII (2 episodes)
    Henry VIII
    Henry VIII (2 episodes)
    Henry VIII ascended to the throne as a handsome 17-year-old but died embittered and obese after an extraordinary 38 year reign. Ray Winstone plays the infamous serial husband who casts aside his relationships in his desparate quest for a male heir.
  • Award-winning drama starring John Thaw about a widower who, forced to care for a granddaughter he never knew existed, finds his life forever changed by the new responsibility.
  • Highway Patrol (5 free episodes)
    Highway Patrol
    Highway Patrol (5 free episodes)
    Documentary series which follow the men and women who patrol New Zealand's and Australia's highways with amazing CCTV footage of everything from sleeping drivers to overloaded vehicles.
  • Home to Roost (21 free episodes)
    Home to Roost
    Home to Roost (21 free episodes)
    Henry Willows is middle-aged, divorced and perfectly content with life. Then his teenage son Matthew decides that it's time they got re-acquainted. The differences in age, taste and backgrounds are constant irritants in their daily confrontations.
  • Homefront (5 episodes)
    Episode 0002
    Homefront (5 episodes)
    Series about the lives of the wives and a mother of soldiers serving in Afghanistan.
  • Hornblower (7 free episodes)
    Hornblower (Series 2)
    Hornblower (7 free episodes)
    Epic award-winning films based on C.S. Forester's classic adventure stories. Set during the 18th century Napoleonic Wars, Horatio Hornblower (Ioan Gruffudd), a young and shy midshipman, rises through the ranks to become an admiral.
  • The Hot Desk (2 free episodes)
    The Hot Desk
    The Hot Desk (2 free episodes)
    Dave Berry, Emma Griffiths, Nicole Appleton and Mel Blatt track down and interview some of the hottest bands and celebrities around.


  • I Never Knew That About Britain
    Series exploring Britain's rich and surprising history and revealing some of the nation's most unusual and fascinating stories.
  • Identity (6 episodes)
    Second Life
    Identity (6 episodes)
    This six-part drama starring Keeley Hawes and Aidan Gillen follows an elite police unit formed to combat the explosion of identity theft.
  • Imploders (1 free episode)
    Imploders (1 free episode)
    A series which follows the exploits of one Eric Kelly - a man who travels the globe bringing down some of the world's tallest buildings using explosives.
  • In the Name of Love (2 episodes)
    In the Name of Love
    In the Name of Love (2 episodes)
    Chilling psychological thriller. When Zoe Walters rekindles a relationship with Luke, her childhood sweetheart, what starts off as a one-night stand rapidly spirals into a complicated web of lies, deceit, and dangerous obsession.
  • In the Presence of Julian Clary
    Julian Clary presents a lavish extravaganza of wit, music and revelations. He interacts with the celebrity guests in this 'communal chat show', extracting their innermost thoughts, secrets and stories.
  • Inside Manchester City (1 free episode)
    Inside Manchester City
    Inside Manchester City (1 free episode)
    A fascinating documentary programme which goes behind the scenes of one of the Premiership's biggest clubs as they prepare for a hugely important Premier League match.
  • Inspector Morse (23 episodes · 12 free)
    Inspector Morse
    Inspector Morse (23 episodes · 12 free)
    One of the most popular detective dramas in television history based on the novels of Colin Dexter. Starring John Thaw as the cantankerous and complex Inspector Morse, and Kevin Whately as his long-suffering sidekick Sergeant Lewis.
  • The Ipcress File
    When agent Harry Palmer is assigned the job of investigating worries over British security, his investigations hurl him into the tangled web of treachery that is world espionage. Tense thriller starring Michael Caine.
  • It'll Be Alright on the Night
    Classic collections of hilarious out-takes from the worlds of television, cinema and commercials. The highly-trained team of blooper-snoopers offer calamities, catastrophes and clangers salvaged from cutting room floors around the world.


  • Jack Osbourne: Celebrity Adrenaline Junkie
    Join the cameras as Jack Osbourne and his celebrity friends leave their Louis Vuitton luggage behind. Grabbing their rucksacks and trekking shoes, they go back to basics for a series of high-adrenaline adventures.
  • Jeeves and Wooster (5 episodes)
    Episode 0001
    Jeeves and Wooster (5 episodes)
    Based on stories by PG Wodehouse, Hugh Laurie stars as the immensely eligible Bertie Wooster. Stephen Fry plays Jeeves, Bertie's trusted valet, whose mighty intellect is entirely devoted to keeping his master out of trouble.
  • The Jeremy Kyle Show (33 free episodes)
    The Jeremy Kyle Show

    Jeremy Kyle presents a confrontational talk show in which guests thrash out their conflicts, dilemmas and relationship issues in front of a studio audience.

    The Jeremy Kyle Show
    The Jeremy Kyle Show (33 free episodes)
    Jeremy Kyle presents a confrontational talk show in which guests thrash out their conflicts, dilemmas and relationship issues in front of a studio audience.
  • The Jeremy Kyle Show USA (25 free episodes)
    The Jeremy Kyle Show USA
    The Jeremy Kyle Show USA (25 free episodes)
    Jeremy Kyle presents the American version of his popular talk show.
  • Jesus of Nazareth (4 episodes)
    Jesus of Nazareth
    Jesus of Nazareth (4 episodes)
    Powerful epic, featuring numerous international stars, portraying the life and death of Christ traced from birth, through his childhood pilgrimage, his baptism by John the Baptist, the miracles, and culminating with his crucifixion and resurrection.
  • Jewel in the Crown (14 episodes)
    Crossing the River
    Jewel in the Crown (14 episodes)
    Stunning, award-winning drama set in India during the Second World War and the independence riots. This is the story of the men and women of that time, the rulers and the ruled - lives which were to suffer violent, even catastrophic change.
  • Joanna Lumley's Greek Odyssey (3 free episodes)
    The Islands
    Joanna Lumley's Greek Odyssey (3 free episodes)
    Join Joanna Lumley on an extraordinary odyssey through the vast and varied landscape of Greece - the birthplace of drama, democracy, language, western science and medicine; the wellspring of civilisation and modern European culture.
  • The Job Lot (6 free episodes)
    Episode 0001
    The Job Lot (6 free episodes)
    Sitcom set in a busy West Midlands job centre focusing on life, love and long-term unemployment. Starring Sarah Hadland and Russell Tovey.
  • Johnny Cash in San Quentin
    Johnny Cash, American country singer, is one of the all time greats. An ex-convict himself, he went into California's San Quentin jail on 24th February 1969 to give a remarkable concert to the long-term prisoners of the jail.
  • Johnny Vegas - Live at the Benidorm Palace
    Johnny Vegas filmed performing his stand up show in front of a sell-out crowd at the popular tourist resort in Spain, and including Johnny's very own potter's wheel.
  • Julie Walters and Friends
    Acclaimed British actress of stage, screen and television, Julie Walters, demonstrates her diverse talents in this entertainment special in which she plays many different characters - from a six-year-old tap dancing schoolgirl to a sexy 70-year-old.
  • Jungle Book
    A baby brought up in the jungle by a wolf pack and named Mowgli, is content with his animal friends until one day he finds a village and is captured. One of the women recognises him as her lost son, he also falls in love with a young girl, Mahala.
  • Jungle Run (4 free episodes)
    Jungle Run
    Jungle Run (4 free episodes)
    Children's gameshow. A team of three explorers, helped by the Jungle Guide, embark on a series of daring challenges, pitting their wits against the clock and two mischievous monkeys, as they hunt for lost treasure in a giant tropical jungle setting.


  • Kavanagh QC (23 episodes)
    Kavanagh QC
    Kavanagh QC (23 episodes)
    Courtroom drama that centres round James Kavanagh QC, a highly respected criminal advocate in London, and the euphoric ups and costly downs of success and failure in the law.
  • King Solomon's Mines
    Based on Rider Haggard's novel, this is the first, and possibly the best, cinematic version of the story. Set in Africa, it tells the story of a group of explorers in search of a diamond mine. To find it, they persuade an exiled chief to help them.
  • Knightmare (10 episodes)
    Knightmare (10 episodes)
    The world-beating dungeon game with monsters, puzzles and perils - all combined with some of the most advanced computer graphics.


  • The Lakes (2 episodes)
    Episode 0001
    The Lakes (2 episodes)
    A look at life in one of Britain's favourite holiday destinations during a busy summer. In the Lake District, drama is never far away. From the peaks of England's highest mountains to the depths of its lakes, the terrain is beautiful but treacherous.
  • The Last Morse (1 episode)
    The Last Morse
    The Last Morse (1 episode)
    This special celebrates the final episode of Inspector Morse. The programme features the stars, creators and members of the distinguished supporting cast telling the story of how an unlikely idea became one of the most popular series in the UK.
  • The Last Seduction
    Passion, greed and revenge are the motivating forces for Bridget Gregory who manipulates husband, lover and friends in her pursuit of money. Even murder is a justifiable means to an end.
  • The Last Weekend (3 episodes)
    Episode 0001
    The Last Weekend (3 episodes)
    A hot bank holiday weekend in the countryside turns into a nightmare for two couples as sexual tensions, male rivalry and accumulated secrets creep to the surface.
  • Law and Order - UK (24 episodes · 5 free)
    Law and Order - UK

    Crime drama following both police and prosecutors as they bring criminals to justice.

    Law and Order - UK
    Law and Order - UK (24 episodes · 5 free)
    Crime drama following both police and prosecutors as they bring criminals to justice.
  • Lemon La Vida Loca (9 episodes)
    Lemon La Vida Loca
    Lemon La Vida Loca (9 episodes)
    Comedy reality show featuring the wonderful world of Keith Lemon.
  • Les Dawson - An Audience with That Never Was
    To mark the twentieth anniversary of the death of comedian Les Dawson, new multimedia holographic technology will bring him back on stage in front of a celebrity audience.
  • Lewis (15 episodes · 1 free)
    Down Among the Fearful - Part 1
    Lewis (15 episodes · 1 free)
    This crime drama's central character is Lewis, former colleague of Inspector Morse up until Morse's death. He is now an inspector. He and Det Sgt James Hathaway are assigned a variety of cases and report to new boss Chief Supt Jean Innocent.
  • Life Begins (12 episodes)
    Episode 0001
    Life Begins (12 episodes)
    Caroline Quentin stars in this poignant comedy drama about the trials and tribulations of a 39-year-old woman struggling to rediscover herself after her husband unexpectedly walks out.
  • Life of Crime (3 episodes)
    Episode 0001
    Life of Crime (3 episodes)
    Drama series about a policewoman who battles against sexism and prejudice as she rises through the ranks of an ever-changing force.
  • Life's Funniest Moments (5 free episodes)
    Life's Funniest Moments
    Life's Funniest Moments (5 free episodes)
    Series featuring hilarious candid moments caught on camera.
  • Lightfields (5 episodes)
    Episode 0001
    Lightfields (5 episodes)
    Five-part drama set on a remote farm on the Suffolk coast. The story follows three families that each lived in Lightfields farmhouse at different time periods, but who are linked by the ghost of a teenage girl who died in mysterious circumstances.
  • Little England (12 episodes)
    Episode 0001
    Little England (12 episodes)
    Little England follows some of the many British ex-pats who have settled in the beautiful medieval town of Eymet in the South of France. They talk about their lives and the typical British comforts they have brought to the French town.
  • The Little House (2 free episodes)
    Episode 0002
    The Little House (2 free episodes)
    A compelling two-part thriller exploring the psychological power struggles within one family and the lengths an obsessive mother will go to to keep control of her son.
  • Liverpool - Team of the Eighties
    See some of the best players, goals and matches from a time when Liverpool were kings of British and European football.
  • Liverpool - Team of the Seventies
    See some of the best players, goals and matches from Liverpool's golden era, as the Shankly and Paisley glory years are revisited through ITV Sport's unique Big Match archive.
  • Long Lost Family (3 free episodes)
    Episode 0003
    Long Lost Family (3 free episodes)
    Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell present the documentary series which aims to reunite family members after years of separation, and offers a lifeline for people who are desperate to find long-lost relatives.
  • Loose Women (15 free episodes)
    Loose Women
    Loose Women (15 free episodes)
    Presented by four women, Loose Women is a daily show transmitted live in front of a studio audience, incorporating topical/news discussion and celebrity interviews.
  • Lorraine (5 free episodes)
    Episode 0075
    Lorraine (5 free episodes)
    Lorraine Kelly presents a topical mix of entertainment, discussion and showbiz glamour as well as the latest fashion, food and celebrity gossip.
  • Lost in Austen (4 episodes)
    Episode 0001
    Lost in Austen (4 episodes)
    Amanda Price is disheartened by life. Her boyfriend is a useless slob, her job is going nowhere and her only retreat is to the world of Jane Austen where she can calm her nerves. That is until she finds herself stuck in the world which she idolises.
  • Love and Marriage (6 episodes)
    Episode 0001
    Love and Marriage (6 episodes)
    A newly retired lollipop lady who begins to realise that life may just have more to offer. Feeling unappreciated and tired of her boring husband and the endless demands of her grown-up kids she walks out and moves in with her sister.


  • The Making of a Lady (1 episode)
    The Making of a Lady
    The Making of a Lady (1 episode)
    Period drama. Emily Fox Seton is saved from destitution by marrying Lord Walderhurst. Her new position brings wealth but inspires envy, and it is hard to know who to trust.
  • Man Friday
    Daniel Defoe's classic story of survival and heroism takes on a whole new perspective in this electrifying version of Robinson Crusoe.
  • Man in a Suitcase (28 episodes)
    Man in a Suitcase (28 episodes)
    An unjustly discredited special agent goes it alone as a bounty hunter in the cold, hard world of espionage. Gripping stories, international locations and guest stars combine in this exciting series of adventures fraught with danger and intrigue.
  • The Man Who Knew Too Much
    Alfred Hitchcock's original version of the melodramatic tale of a child's kidnap and recovery from spies trying to ensure her father's silence. Starring Leslie Banks, Edna Best and Peter Lorre.
  • Manchester City Classics
    See the classic Manchester City team of the seventies with legends such as Bell, Lee and Summerbee at their very best.
  • Manchester United Classics
    Some of the very best of Manchester United action from 30 years of the ITV Sport archive, featuring Best, Law, Charlton, Robson, Giggs and Scholes.
  • Mansfield Park (1 episode)
    Mansfield Park
    Mansfield Park (1 episode)
    Billie Piper leads a prestigious cast in Maggie Wadey's lavish adaptation of Jane Austen's Mansfield Park. The story follows clever and studious Fanny Price as she is taken from her life of poverty to the sumptuous home of her aunt and uncle.
  • March or Die
    Foreign Legion Major Foster, an American haunted by his memories of the recently-ended Great War, is assigned to protect a group of archaeologists at their dig.
  • Marchlands (5 episodes)
    Episode 0001
    Marchlands (5 episodes)
    Alex Kingston and Jodie Whittaker lead the cast of this gripping supernatural drama about three different families living in the same house in the 1960's, 1980's and present day, linked by the spirit of a girl who died in mysterious circumstances.
  • Martin Clunes - Man to Manta
    Keen surface diver Martin Clunes undertakes a journey of self-discovery which he hopes will culminate with a swim among the manta rays near a remote island in the Indian Ocean.
  • Martin Clunes and A Lion Called Mugie
    Martin Clunes has a secret wish, he wants to sleep with a lion. Now on an incredible mission to save lion cubs orphaned by brutal hunters, his dream is about to come true.
  • May the Best House Win (15 episodes)
    May the Best House Win (15 episodes)
    Four sets of proud home-owners are invited to judge one another's houses based on interior design, homeliness, comfort and the hospitality. With candid reviews and scoring for a cash prize, will they be able to handle the criticism?
  • The Medusa Touch
    Told in retrospect, the life of an author who believed himself possessed by telekinetic powers and responsible for a series of catastrophes, is probed by his psychiatrist and the investigator trying to solve his attempted murder.
  • Midsomer Murders (50 episodes)
    The Scilian Defence
    Midsomer Murders (50 episodes)
    Inspector Barnaby investigates murder mysteries in Middle England. Based on the novels by Caroline Graham.
  • Minder (18 free episodes)
    Minder (18 free episodes)
    Arthur Daley, a small-time crook, hires ex-boxer Terry McCann as his 'minder'. Terry's been in prison, but can he keep straight, and earn a decent living, if he's working for the 'King of Dodgy Deals'?
  • Moll Flanders (4 episodes)
    Moll Flanders
    Moll Flanders (4 episodes)
    A tale of crime, seduction, love affairs, incest and reform is unravelled as Moll Flanders leads us through her full life in this wonderful adaptation of Daniel Defoe's novel starring Alex Kingston, Daniel Craig and Diana Rigg.
  • Mom (5 free episodes)

    Mom stars Anna Faris as Christy, an alcoholic single mother whose newly found sobriety has given her the ability to see her life clearly. She doesn't like wh...

    Mom (5 free episodes)
    Mom stars Anna Faris as Christy, an alcoholic single mother whose newly found sobriety has given her the ability to see her life clearly. She doesn't like what she sees and sets about dealing with the consequences of her reckless decisions.
  • Monroe (5 episodes · 1 free)
    Episode 0003
    Monroe (5 episodes · 1 free)
    James Nesbitt stars as the brilliant and unusual neurosurgeon Gabriel Monroe, a flawed genius who never lets anyone forget his flaws or his genius, in a series of compelling stories about life or death situations.
  • Moto Gp Highlights (2 free episodes)
    Moto Gp Highlights (2 free episodes)
    Two-wheel action with highlights from the MotoGP season - 18 meetings beginning in Qatar, and ending in Valencia in Spain this November.
  • Movies Now (5 free episodes)
    Movies Now
    Movies Now (5 free episodes)
    The latest news and reviews of this week's film releases.
  • Mr Bean: Animated Series (16 free episodes)
    Mr Bean: Animated Series
    Mr Bean: Animated Series (16 free episodes)
    Animation based n the highly popular live action series of the same name with many of the same characters including the hapless Mr Bean and his long-suffering girlfriend Irma Gobb.
  • Mr Selfridge (2 free episodes)
    Episode 0010
    Mr Selfridge (2 free episodes)
    Mr Selfridge tells the story of 'Mile a Minute Harry', a man with a mission to make shopping as thrilling as sex. Harry wanted to indulge and empower women and so he opened the doors of his lavish department store, on London's famous Oxford Street.
  • Mrs Biggs (5 episodes)
    Episode 0001
    Mrs Biggs (5 episodes)
    The Great Train Robbery made Ronnie Biggs a household name. It was love at first sight for Charmian and Ronnie and when forced to choose between her family and the man she loved, she chose Ronnie. An inspiring true story of passion and sacrifice.
  • My Parents Are Aliens (14 free episodes)
    My Parents Are Aliens
    My Parents Are Aliens (14 free episodes)
    Young orphans, Mel, Josh and Lucy, can't believe their luck when they are fostered together under one roof. But just when it looks like they have the chance of a relatively normal life, they discover their new parents are aliens from planet Valux!



  • Odd One In (5 episodes)
    Episode 0001
    Odd One In (5 episodes)
    The comedy game show where celebrity teams have to spot the unique, special or odd person with the secret, skill or story in a series of peculiar line ups. Hosted by Bradley Walsh.
  • Off Their Rockers (8 episodes · 2 free)
    Off Their Rockers
    Off Their Rockers (8 episodes · 2 free)
    A fearless group of OAPs is led out onto the streets of Britain, targeting unsuspecting members of the public with their irreverent behaviour, brazenly funny sketches and saucy pranks.
  • Sooty and Co: Rubbish
    A round up of fantastic kids shows from the 80's and 90's
  • Oliver Twist
    David Lean's version of the immortal classic. Oliver is an orphan who runs away from the workhouse and the bullying Mr Bumble. Homeless and hungry, he meets the Artful Dodger who brings him to the attention of Fagin.
  • Oliver Twist (4 episodes)
    Oliver Twist
    Oliver Twist (4 episodes)
    This drama is the story of the chain of events which lead to Oliver Twist's anonymous birth in the Parish Workhouse. Filled with dark comedy, astonishing vivacity and soaring imagination, writer Alan Bleasdale takes on the might of Charles Dickens.
  • The Olivier Awards (1 free episode)
    The Olivier Awards

    This glamorous and star-studded event honouring the best in British theatre comes from the Royal Opera House.

    The Olivier Awards
    The Olivier Awards (1 free episode)
    This glamorous and star-studded event honouring the best in British theatre comes from the Royal Opera House.
  • On Assignment (1 free episode)
    On Assignment (1 free episode)
    Rageh Omaar presents a series in which ITV News journalists contribute in-depth reports from around the world on the stories behind the headlines.
  • On Golden Pond
    In her fourth Oscar-winning performance, Katharine Hepburn plays Ethel Theyer, a sweet, sensitive woman trying to hold together three generations of her family as tensions and tempers rise during a visit from her daughter.
  • On the Buses (7 episodes)
    The Early Shifts
    On the Buses (7 episodes)
    Internationally-acclaimed comedy starring Reg Varney as bus driver Stan Butler. Life at home has its problems for Stan, but so does work at the bus depot. With Bob Grant, Stephen Lewis and Anna Karen.
  • The Only Way is Essex (27 episodes · 5 free)
    Episode 0012
    The Only Way is Essex (27 episodes · 5 free)
    Real-life soap focusing on a group of Essex characters. The drama unfolds against the backdrop of nail bars, wine bars, flash cars and designer gear. The storylines are part real and part constructed.
  • Only When I Laugh (2 free episodes)
    Only When I Laugh
    Only When I Laugh (2 free episodes)
    This hilarious hospital-based sitcom features a trio of very different patients forever playing a game of one-upmanship, getting into scrapes with one another and at the same time giving grief to the overworked and irritable hospital staff.
  • Our Queen (1 episode)
    Our Queen
    Our Queen (1 episode)
    This intimate view of the modern monarchy lifts the lid on the events of the 2012 Diamond Jubilee, with contributions from The Prince of Wales and other members of the family.


  • Panto! (1 free episode)
    Panto! (1 free episode)
    Comedy drama set behind the scenes of a pantomime production on its opening night. With a ramshackle cast - and a disastrous dress rehearsal - will the real thing be any better?
  • Paranormal Activity
    Creepy chiller about a couple who set up a video camera in their seemingly idyllic starter home to capture the terrifying spirits that haunt them at night.
  • Paris Hilton's American Best Friend Forever
    Socialite Paris Hilton searches for her American Best Friend Forever. She brings 16 girls and two boys to her doll's house-themed LA mansion, where the wannabes will have to prove why they are Paris's perfect match by coming top in a series of tasks.
  • Party Wright Around The World (3 free episodes)
    Byron Bay (Australia)
    Party Wright Around The World (3 free episodes)
    Part travelogue, part reality show, Mark will uncover some of the most unusual parties in the weirdest of places.
  • The Passionate Friends
    The story of a woman's conflict between love and financial security. The accidental meeting of two one-time passionate friends nearly causes the total disruption of a marriage until the husband realises the truth.
  • Pat and Cabbage (6 episodes)
    Episode 0001
    Pat and Cabbage (6 episodes)
    Comedy about two sixty-somethings who defy the expectations of being a certain age.
  • Paul O'Grady - for the Love of Dogs
    Presenter and comedian Paul O'Grady loves dogs and joins the team to help out at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.
  • Peak Practice (8 episodes)
    Sharp Practice (Pilot)
    Peak Practice (8 episodes)
    Medical drama series featuring a team of country doctors who work at The Beeches General Practice in the heart of the picturesque Peak District. It focuses on the medical challenges and emergencies they and their patients have to face.
  • Penn and Teller - Fool Us
    Magical double act Penn and Teller challenge the UK's aspiring magicians to perform their most baffling trick in front of a studio audience. Hosted by Jonathan Ross.
  • Perspectives (2 episodes)
    Perspectives - Andrew Lloyd Webber - A Passion for the Pre-Raphaelites
    Perspectives (2 episodes)
    Perspectives encompasses single factual films from a variety of film-makers and, on occasion, presenters, who delve deeper into the stories they are passionate about.
  • Persuasion (5 episodes)
    Persuasion (5 episodes)
    Adaptation of the Jane Austen classic - the story of Anne Elliot who is reunited with her lost love Captain Wentworth. It is said that Anne's unwilling rejection of the captain's proposal of marriage was based on an episode of Austen's own life.
  • Plebs (6 episodes)
    The Orgy
    Plebs (6 episodes)
    Sitcom about three desperate young men from the suburbs who try to get laid, hold down jobs and climb the social ladder in the big city - which just happens to be ancient Rome.
  • Pokemon (35 free episodes)
    Pokemon (35 free episodes)
    The animated adventures of Ash, Pikachu and friends.
  • Pollyanna
    Set in 1913, Pollyanna is the classic story of an orphan who starts a new life with her strict spinster aunt (Amanda Burton). Adapted by Simon Nye from the novel by Eleanor Porter.
  • Press Gang (8 episodes)
    Press Gang
    Press Gang (8 episodes)
    A BAFTA award winning programme set in a newspaper office following the trials and tribulations, joys and agonies, of a group of teenagers setting up and running a young people's newspaper.
  • Prime Suspect (13 episodes · 1 free)
    Prime Suspect
    Prime Suspect (13 episodes · 1 free)
    Tense, uncompromising crime drama by the distinguished dramatist and novelist Lynda La Plante. Highly skilled Detective Inspector Jane Tennison battles to prove herself in a male dominated world. Stars Helen Mirren.
  • The Protectors (12 episodes)
    King Con
    The Protectors (12 episodes)
    Challenges abound for worldwide crime-fighting team The Protectors - the cream of the world's private eyes. Organized into a global secret society, their mission is to protect the innocent and apprehend the guilty.


No programmes available



  • Sabotage
    Classic Hitchcock chiller. In 1930s London, cinema manager Karl Verloc (Oscar Homolka) is acting as a paid saboteur. His employers charge him with delivering a bomb to Piccadilly Circus. However, the police are already on his trail.
  • The Sandbaggers (1 episode)
    The Sandbaggers
    The Sandbaggers (1 episode)
    Roy Marsden stars as Neil Burnside, director of The Sandbaggers, a small and elite team in the British Secret Service who take on anything from assassination to aiding defectors to escape.
  • Sapphire and Steel (26 episodes)
    Sapphire and Steel
    Sapphire and Steel (26 episodes)
    The time-hopping adventures of two agents with super-human powers, set in a world where the future and the past collide and time overturns reality. Starring David McCallum and Joanna Lumley.
  • The Scapegoat (1 free episode)
    The Scapegoat
    The Scapegoat (1 free episode)
    John Standing is manoeuvred into swapping lives with the aristocratic Johnny Spence. John then finds himself irresistibly drawn into Johnny's life - with fatal consequences.
  • Second Thoughts (11 free episodes)
    Second Thoughts
    Second Thoughts (11 free episodes)
    'Second Thoughts' takes a refreshing look at modern life, exploring love and marriage the second time around, revealing that falling passionately in love in middle age is not the easiest of experiences.
  • Secret Diary of a Call Girl (13 episodes · 1 free)
    Secret Diary of a Call Girl
    Secret Diary of a Call Girl (13 episodes · 1 free)
    Drama series based on the best-selling, real life diaries of an upmarket escort. This programme is a deeper look into the world of the glamorous and intelligent Belle de Jour - Hannah to her family. Stars Billie Piper.
  • Secrets From the Workhouse (2 free episodes)
    Secrets From the Workhouse
    Secrets From the Workhouse (2 free episodes)
    Felicity Kendal, Brian Cox, Kiera Chaplin, Fern Britton and Barbara Taylor Bradford delve into Victorian poverty and uncover the workhouse skeletons in their family closet.
  • Share a Story - Behind the Scenes
    CITV takes you for an exclusive peek behind the scenes of the Bafta- winning Share a Story competition, with the chance to meet this year's winners, animators and designers.
  • Sharpe (5 episodes)
    Sharpe's Company
    Sharpe (5 episodes)
    Sean Bean stars in these dramas set during the Napoleonic wars of 19th century Spain. Hard-hitting action adventures based on Bernard Cornwell's best-selling novels bring to the screen all the danger and romance of one of the bloodiest periods.
  • Sherlock Holmes (3 free episodes)
    Sherlock Holmes
    Sherlock Holmes (3 free episodes)
    Sherlock Holmes is one of the world's greatest and most popular fictional detectives. His acute perception and powers of observation are called upon in solving a compendium of crime. As ever, Dr Watson is on hand as his indispensable assistant.
  • The Shout
    A macabre tale about a man who claims he has the power to kill using a horrifying 'death shout'. A composer and his wife agree to letting the man stay, since the husband wishes to hear the 'shout' for himself. Starring Alan Bates.
  • Soldier, Soldier (14 episodes)
    Soldier, Soldier
    Soldier, Soldier (14 episodes)
    Soldiers, wives and girlfriends learn to live with the highs and lows of military and domestic life in this compelling drama series starring Robson Green and Jerome Flynn.
  • Sooty (7 free episodes)
    The Sooty Show
    Sooty (7 free episodes)
    Children's comedy with puppets Sooty, Sweep and Soo.
  • Sophie's Choice
    A tragic tale of a writer's love for a holocaust survivor. Adapted from William Styron's best-selling novel, it tells the story of two star-crossed lovers and the unforgettable choice Sophie (Meryl Streep) had to make in the concentration camp.
  • Sports Arena (3 episodes)
    Sports Arena
    Sports Arena (3 episodes)
    A fascinating insight into the lives of some of sport's most influential personalities.
  • Sports Life Stories (1 free episode)
    Sports Life Stories
    Sports Life Stories (1 free episode)
    Sporting legends speak honestly and candidly about their careers, giving a fascinating insight into the mindset required to reach the very top of their game.
  • Stephen Fry's Key to the City
    Stephen Fry discovers the hidden mysteries of the City of London, from the huge amount of cash in the Bank of England vaults to the terrors of Dead Man's Walk at the Old Bailey.
  • Stingray (10 episodes)
    Stingray (Pilot)
    Stingray (10 episodes)
    Set in 2064, security agency W.A.S.P. (World Aquanaut Security Patrol) battles beneath-the-sea enemies with Troy Tempest as Captain of the super-submarine Stingray.
  • Student Nurses: Bedpans and Bandages
    An observational series which follows student nurses at different stages of their training, revealing the challenges they face both in the classroom and on the wards.
  • Super Tiny Animals (3 episodes)
    Episode 0001
    Super Tiny Animals (3 episodes)
    From tea-cup Chihuahuas to miniature pigs the demand for mini-pets is growing but is it a lucrative business or a cruel genetic mutation? This documentary goes behind the scenes of what is fast becoming a multi-million pound industry.
  • Surprise Surprise - Mothers' Day Special
    Holly Willoughby highlights a woman who invented a special babygrow, WWE Superstars give a mum from Peckham the VIP treatment and Boyzone surprise a radio station boss in Swindon.
  • Switch (6 episodes)
    Switch (6 episodes)
    New comedy drama series about a coven of witches living in Camden.


  • Tales of the Unexpected (24 episodes)
    Tales of the Unexpected
    Tales of the Unexpected (24 episodes)
    This collection of bizarre, macabre, sinister and amusing stories showcases the wit and skill of writers such as Ruth Rendell, Jeffrey Archer, C S Forester, W Somerset Maugham and the master storyteller himself, Roald Dahl.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (3 free episodes)
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (3 free episodes)
    The cartoon adventures of a quartet of crime-fighters who become half-human, half-turtle, due to a radioactive leakage.
  • There's Something About Dahl
    A remarkable story of how a series of tragedies inspired the dark imagination of Roald Dahl to create some of the most loved children's stories of all time.
  • The Thief of Bagdad
    The evil Jaffar has imprisoned the King of Bagdad, Ahmad. A young thief, Abu, helps him to escape to the Sultan's palace where Ahmad falls in love with the Sultan's daughter who is betrothed to Jaffar.
  • The Thirty-Nine Steps
    The original version of Alfred Hitchcock's classic comedy thriller. Richard Hannay encounters a young woman after fleeing from the sound of gunshots. When she is murdered, and he must find the real killers and clear his name.
  • This Morning (5 free episodes)
    This Morning
    This Morning (5 free episodes)
    Celebrity guests, entertainment, advice, competitions and features....and much more on this award winning magazine show.
  • Through the Keyhole (2 episodes · 1 free)
    Episode 0002
    Through the Keyhole (2 episodes · 1 free)
    Remake of the infamous panel show from the 90s. Hosted by Keith Lemon in front of a studio audience and a weekly panel of three celebrities. As with the original show, Keith is let loose around the homes of the rich and famous.
  • Thunderbirds (16 episodes)
    Trapped in the Sky
    Thunderbirds (16 episodes)
    When evil threatens, International Rescue blast-off to sort things out, they are always on the lookout for trouble. Co-ordinator of the group is Jeff Tracy, whose sons serve as pilots of the group's five super-secret craft, the Thunderbirds.
  • Tipping Point (22 free episodes)
    Tipping Point
    Tipping Point (22 free episodes)
    Ben Shephard hosts a brand new quiz show in which four players take on an extraordinary machine in the hope of winning its 10,000 pound jackpot.
  • Titanic (4 episodes)
    Titanic (4 episodes)
    Titanic is a four part serial created by BAFTA-winning producer Nigel Stafford-Clark and written by Oscar and Emmy winner Julian Fellowes to mark the hundredth anniversary of the world's most famous maritime disaster in April 1912.
  • To Die for
    Suzanne Stone is a small town girl with a dream to become a famous TV personality. The dream becomes a nightmare when ambition turns into obsession. Starring Nicole Kidman, Matt Dillon, Joaquin Phoenix and Casey Affleck.
  • Tom Daley Goes Global (1 free episode)
    Tom Daley Goes Global (1 free episode)
    Series in which Olympic bronze medallist Tom Daley and his best friend Sophie set off on the journey of a lifetime - a backpacking tour taking in Asia, Africa and Australasia.
  • Tommy Cooper (4 free episodes)
    Episode 0001
    Tommy Cooper (4 free episodes)
    Tommy Cooper, veteran of ITV comedy, famous for his fez and catchphrase 'Just Like That', presents his own show, with sketches and special guests.
  • Tonight (4 free episodes)
    Tonight (4 free episodes)
    The stories that make the difference from Britain's most popular current affairs programme.
  • Touching Evil (13 episodes)
    Touching Evil
    Touching Evil (13 episodes)
    Robson Green is the maverick Detective Inspector Creegan in a crack crime squad on the trail of serial killers. Stylish and suspenseful, these dramas follow the Organised and Serial Crime Unit as they bring to justice the most dangerous criminals.
  • Touring Car Legends (3 free episodes)
    Touring Car Legends (3 free episodes)
    A fascinating three-part series about the history of the British Touring Cars Championship from its birth in 1957 up to the present day.
  • Tricky Tv (8 free episodes)
    Tricky Tv
    Tricky Tv (8 free episodes)
    Packed full of surprise stunts, wicked wind-ups and top tricks. Stephen Mulhern goes undercover on the streets of Britain performing some classic wind-ups on members of the public.


  • UEFA Champions League (3 free episodes)
    UEFA Champions League
    UEFA Champions League (3 free episodes)
    Live coverage and highlights of the UEFA Champions League - European football's premier club competition - as won by Liverpool in the 2004/2005 season.
  • UEFA Champions League Weekly (4 free episodes)
    UEFA Champions League Weekly
    UEFA Champions League Weekly (4 free episodes)
    A regular round up of all the action, with big name interviews featuring the biggest stars from European football's premier club competition - the UEFA Champions League.
  • UEFA Europa League (2 free episodes)
    UEFA Europa League Live
    UEFA Europa League (2 free episodes)
    Coverage of the UEFA Europa League - featuring football clubs from all corners of Europe.
  • Undeniable (2 free episodes)

    Two-part thriller about a woman who believes she recognises her mother's killer 23 years after the murder took place, though her family and the police have t...

    Undeniable (2 free episodes)
    Two-part thriller about a woman who believes she recognises her mother's killer 23 years after the murder took place, though her family and the police have their doubts.
  • Under Suspicion
    Tony Aaron is scratching out a living as a private detective when a supposedly routine set-up to get incriminating evidence for a divorce goes horribly wrong, resulting in the murder of his own wife Hazel and an affluent client.
  • Universal Soldier - Regeneration
    Sci-fi action adventure. A genetically-engineered warrior is brought back from retirement to combat terrorists who threaten to unleash the nuclear power of Chernobyl.
  • The Upper Hand (22 free episodes)
    The Upper Hand
    The Upper Hand (22 free episodes)
    When Caroline Wheatley wants to hire a housekeeper, the last thing she expects is for a man to apply for the job. Popular, long-running sitcom starring Diane Weston, Joe McGann and Honor Blackman.
  • Upstairs, Downstairs (11 episodes)
    Upstairs, Downstairs
    Upstairs, Downstairs (11 episodes)
    Popular period drama series. 30 years in the life of the Bellamy family and their below stairs servants between the years 1903 and 1930.


  • The Vampire Diaries (4 free episodes)
    The Vampire Diaries

    Think you know vampires? Unsuspecting Elena Gilbert is about to get to know two when a pair of very different brothers; one good, one evil - go to war for he...

    The Vampire Diaries
    The Vampire Diaries (4 free episodes)
    Think you know vampires? Unsuspecting Elena Gilbert is about to get to know two when a pair of very different brothers; one good, one evil - go to war for her soul. This is a story of a compelling love triangle with a dark, dramatic twist.
  • Vera (12 episodes)
    Castles in the Air
    Vera (12 episodes)
    DCI Vera Stanhope is obsessive about her work. She faces the world with caustic wit, guile and courage. Alongside her is Joe Ashworth, her right-hand man and surrogate son. Together they tackle each new case with unparalleled professionalism.
  • The Vice (13 free episodes)
    The Vice
    The Vice (13 free episodes)
    Hard hitting crime drama set in the vice unit of the Metropolitan Police based in the heart of London's West End. Prostitution, pornography and murder are all part of the workload for the team as they investigate the capital's darker secrets.
  • Vicious (5 episodes · 2 free)
    Vicious (5 episodes · 2 free)
    Comedy about partners, Freddie and Stuart, who have lived together in Covent Garden for 50 years. Starring Sir Ian McKellen, Sir Derek Jacobi and Frances de la Tour as their best friend Violet.
  • Victorious (2 free episodes)
    Victorious (2 free episodes)
    Sitcom about a girl named Tori Vega, who navigates life at an elite Hollywood performing arts high school.
  • Vincent (8 episodes)
    Vincent (8 episodes)
    Exciting, fast-paced crime drama series starring Ray Winstone as Vincent Gallagher, head of a team of private investigators who are the last resort for troubled people with nowhere left to turn.


  • Weekend Escapes With Warwick Davis
    New six-part series featuring Warwick Davis and his family as they travel around the UK in their trusty camper van on the trail of the best of Great Britain and its eccentrics.
  • Wembley Gold (9 episodes)
    Wembley Gold
    Wembley Gold (9 episodes)
    Relive some of the legendary games from football's greatest stage, where cups are won and lost, reputations are made and history is created.
  • Where the Heart Is (13 episodes)
    The Healing Game
    Where the Heart Is (13 episodes)
    Set against the beautiful rugged landscape of Yorkshire, the programme follows the busy professional and family lives of a team of district nurses as they bring nursing and emotional care to young and old alike.
  • Whistle Down the Wind
    The story of three children living on a remote farm. One night they encounter a haggard man who they believe must be Christ. But he is in fact a murderer on the run.
  • The Widower (2 free episodes)
    Episode 0003
    The Widower (2 free episodes)
    Three-part drama based on the crimes of convicted murderer Malcolm Webster.
  • Wild at Heart (21 episodes)
    Wild at Heart
    Wild at Heart (21 episodes)
    In this drama the Trevanion family decide to make a fresh start and emigrate to South Africa to set up an animal reserve. The programme follows them as they battle to get their business up and running and also struggle with their personal lives.
  • William and Kate - The First Year
    To celebrate the first wedding anniversary of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, this documentary tells the story of their wedding and looks back at the last 12 months.
  • Wire in the Blood (5 free episodes)
    Wire in the Blood

    Dr Tony Hill hunts down vicious serial killers in the north of England in these psychological thrillers based on the best-selling novels by Val McDermid.

    Wire in the Blood
    Wire in the Blood (5 free episodes)
    Dr Tony Hill hunts down vicious serial killers in the north of England in these psychological thrillers based on the best-selling novels by Val McDermid.
  • Wolves, Witches and Giants (28 free episodes)
    Wolves, Witches and Giants
    Wolves, Witches and Giants (28 free episodes)
    Animated adaptations of some of the best-loved traditional fairy tales which have, for countless generations, captured the imagination of children worldwide. The tales are narrated by Spike Milligan.
  • Wood and Walters (2 episodes)
    Episode 0001
    Wood and Walters (2 episodes)
    Victoria Wood and Julie Walters star in their first revue series for television - a collection of sketches and songs written by Victoria and acted out by the two women with their guests including, on one occasion, seventy small babies!
  • Wuthering Heights (2 episodes)
    Episode 0001
    Wuthering Heights (2 episodes)
    The Yorkshire moors form the bleak setting for Emily Bronte's timeless tale of a passion so powerful it defies all social boundaries, and finally challenges death itself.


No programmes available



No programmes available


  • 56 Up UK (2 episodes)
    56 Up UK
    56 Up UK (2 episodes)
    The subjects of these documentaries are groups of seven year old boys and girls. The subjects are revisited every seven years and at each visit are interviewed about their attitudes to life.