• Educating Joey Essex (1 episode)
    Educating Joey Essex - Super Model Student
    Educating Joey Essex (1 episode)
    Travel show with a difference in which the endearingly naive reality TV star travels the world in a bid to fill some of the gaps in his knowledge.
  • Emmerdale (23 episodes)
    Episode 7118
    Emmerdale (23 episodes)
    Emmerdale is one of Britain's best-loved and popular long-running soaps. Set in the heart of the beautiful Yorkshire Dales, this realistic down-to-earth drama superbly chronicles the joys and the heartbreaks of a tightly-knit countryside community.
  • Exposure - Charities Behaving Badly
    Exposure reveals stories of racism, religious bigotry, and extreme political activity within some of Britain's 160,000 registered charities. Presented by Mark Austin.
  • Exposure - the Kill List
    Documentary revealing the inside story of how the SAS and US special forces targeted and captured or killed insurgents during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.