• Kavanagh QC (23 episodes)
    Kavanagh QC
    Kavanagh QC (23 episodes)
    Courtroom drama that centres round James Kavanagh QC, a highly respected criminal advocate in London, and the euphoric ups and costly downs of success and failure in the law.
  • King Solomon's Mines
    Based on Rider Haggard's novel, this is the first, and possibly the best, cinematic version of the story. Set in Africa, it tells the story of a group of explorers in search of a diamond mine. To find it, they persuade an exiled chief to help them.
  • Knightmare (10 episodes)
    Knightmare (10 episodes)
    The world-beating dungeon game with monsters, puzzles and perils - all combined with some of the most advanced computer graphics.