• The Lakes (2 episodes)
    Episode 0001
    The Lakes (2 episodes)
    A look at life in one of Britain's favourite holiday destinations during a busy summer. In the Lake District, drama is never far away. From the peaks of England's highest mountains to the depths of its lakes, the terrain is beautiful but treacherous.
  • The Last Morse (1 episode)
    The Last Morse
    The Last Morse (1 episode)
    This special celebrates the final episode of Inspector Morse. The programme features the stars, creators and members of the distinguished supporting cast telling the story of how an unlikely idea became one of the most popular series in the UK.
  • The Last Seduction
    Passion, greed and revenge are the motivating forces for Bridget Gregory who manipulates husband, lover and friends in her pursuit of money. Even murder is a justifiable means to an end.
  • The Last Weekend (3 episodes)
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    The Last Weekend (3 episodes)
    A hot bank holiday weekend in the countryside turns into a nightmare for two couples as sexual tensions, male rivalry and accumulated secrets creep to the surface.
  • Law and Order - UK (23 episodes · 4 free)
    Law and Order - UK

    Crime drama following both police and prosecutors as they bring criminals to justice.

    Law and Order - UK
    Law and Order - UK (23 episodes · 4 free)
    Crime drama following both police and prosecutors as they bring criminals to justice.
  • Lemon La Vida Loca (9 episodes)
    Lemon La Vida Loca
    Lemon La Vida Loca (9 episodes)
    Comedy reality show featuring the wonderful world of Keith Lemon.
  • Les Dawson - An Audience with That Never Was
    To mark the twentieth anniversary of the death of comedian Les Dawson, new multimedia holographic technology will bring him back on stage in front of a celebrity audience.
  • Lewis (15 episodes · 1 free)
    Down Among the Fearful - Part 1
    Lewis (15 episodes · 1 free)
    This crime drama's central character is Lewis, former colleague of Inspector Morse up until Morse's death. He is now an inspector. He and Det Sgt James Hathaway are assigned a variety of cases and report to new boss Chief Supt Jean Innocent.
  • Life Begins (12 episodes)
    Episode 0001
    Life Begins (12 episodes)
    Caroline Quentin stars in this poignant comedy drama about the trials and tribulations of a 39-year-old woman struggling to rediscover herself after her husband unexpectedly walks out.
  • Life of Crime (3 episodes)
    Episode 0001
    Life of Crime (3 episodes)
    Drama series about a policewoman who battles against sexism and prejudice as she rises through the ranks of an ever-changing force.
  • Life's Funniest Moments (5 free episodes)
    Life's Funniest Moments
    Life's Funniest Moments (5 free episodes)
    Series featuring hilarious candid moments caught on camera.
  • Lightfields (5 episodes)
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    Lightfields (5 episodes)
    Five-part drama set on a remote farm on the Suffolk coast. The story follows three families that each lived in Lightfields farmhouse at different time periods, but who are linked by the ghost of a teenage girl who died in mysterious circumstances.
  • Little England (12 episodes)
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    Little England (12 episodes)
    Little England follows some of the many British ex-pats who have settled in the beautiful medieval town of Eymet in the South of France. They talk about their lives and the typical British comforts they have brought to the French town.
  • The Little House (2 free episodes)
    Episode 0002
    The Little House (2 free episodes)
    A compelling two-part thriller exploring the psychological power struggles within one family and the lengths an obsessive mother will go to to keep control of her son.
  • The Little Vampire (1 free episode)
    The Little Vampire
    The Little Vampire (1 free episode)
    Children's fantasy. A little boy feels isolated when his family move from California to Scotland, but soon finds friendship and adventure with a young vampire boy.
  • Liverpool - Team of the Eighties
    See some of the best players, goals and matches from a time when Liverpool were kings of British and European football.
  • Liverpool - Team of the Seventies
    See some of the best players, goals and matches from Liverpool's golden era, as the Shankly and Paisley glory years are revisited through ITV Sport's unique Big Match archive.
  • Long Lost Family (3 free episodes)
    Episode 0003
    Long Lost Family (3 free episodes)
    Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell present the documentary series which aims to reunite family members after years of separation, and offers a lifeline for people who are desperate to find long-lost relatives.
  • Loose Women (12 free episodes)
    Loose Women
    Loose Women (12 free episodes)
    Presented by four women, Loose Women is a daily show transmitted live in front of a studio audience, incorporating topical/news discussion and celebrity interviews.
  • Lorraine (5 free episodes)
    Lorraine (5 free episodes)
    Lorraine Kelly presents a topical mix of entertainment, discussion and showbiz glamour as well as the latest fashion, food and celebrity gossip.
  • Lost in Austen (4 episodes)
    Episode 0001
    Lost in Austen (4 episodes)
    Amanda Price is disheartened by life. Her boyfriend is a useless slob, her job is going nowhere and her only retreat is to the world of Jane Austen where she can calm her nerves. That is until she finds herself stuck in the world which she idolises.
  • Love and Marriage (6 episodes)
    Episode 0001
    Love and Marriage (6 episodes)
    A newly retired lollipop lady who begins to realise that life may just have more to offer. Feeling unappreciated and tired of her boring husband and the endless demands of her grown-up kids she walks out and moves in with her sister.
  • Love Your Garden (2 free episodes)
    Love Your Garden
    Love Your Garden (2 free episodes)
    Alan Titchmarsh travels around the country seeking out some of Britain's loveliest domestic gardens, focusing on the wonderful outdoor living spaces created by ordinary Britons.