• The Making of a Lady (1 episode)
    The Making of a Lady
    The Making of a Lady (1 episode)
    Period drama. Emily Fox Seton is saved from destitution by marrying Lord Walderhurst. Her new position brings wealth but inspires envy, and it is hard to know who to trust.
  • Man Friday
    Daniel Defoe's classic story of survival and heroism takes on a whole new perspective in this electrifying version of Robinson Crusoe.
  • Man in a Suitcase (28 episodes)
    Man in a Suitcase (28 episodes)
    An unjustly discredited special agent goes it alone as a bounty hunter in the cold, hard world of espionage. Gripping stories, international locations and guest stars combine in this exciting series of adventures fraught with danger and intrigue.
  • The Man Who Knew Too Much
    Alfred Hitchcock's original version of the melodramatic tale of a child's kidnap and recovery from spies trying to ensure her father's silence. Starring Leslie Banks, Edna Best and Peter Lorre.
  • Manchester City Classics
    See the classic Manchester City team of the seventies with legends such as Bell, Lee and Summerbee at their very best.
  • Manchester United Classics
    Some of the very best of Manchester United action from 30 years of the ITV Sport archive, featuring Best, Law, Charlton, Robson, Giggs and Scholes.
  • Mansfield Park (1 episode)
    Mansfield Park
    Mansfield Park (1 episode)
    Billie Piper leads a prestigious cast in Maggie Wadey's lavish adaptation of Jane Austen's Mansfield Park. The story follows clever and studious Fanny Price as she is taken from her life of poverty to the sumptuous home of her aunt and uncle.
  • March or Die
    Foreign Legion Major Foster, an American haunted by his memories of the recently-ended Great War, is assigned to protect a group of archaeologists at their dig.
  • Marchlands (5 episodes)
    Episode 0001
    Marchlands (5 episodes)
    Alex Kingston and Jodie Whittaker lead the cast of this gripping supernatural drama about three different families living in the same house in the 1960's, 1980's and present day, linked by the spirit of a girl who died in mysterious circumstances.
  • Martin Clunes - Man to Manta
    Keen surface diver Martin Clunes undertakes a journey of self-discovery which he hopes will culminate with a swim among the manta rays near a remote island in the Indian Ocean.
  • Martin Clunes and A Lion Called Mugie
    Martin Clunes has a secret wish, he wants to sleep with a lion. Now on an incredible mission to save lion cubs orphaned by brutal hunters, his dream is about to come true.
  • May the Best House Win (15 episodes)
    May the Best House Win (15 episodes)
    Four sets of proud home-owners are invited to judge one another's houses based on interior design, homeliness, comfort and the hospitality. With candid reviews and scoring for a cash prize, will they be able to handle the criticism?
  • The Medusa Touch
    Told in retrospect, the life of an author who believed himself possessed by telekinetic powers and responsible for a series of catastrophes, is probed by his psychiatrist and the investigator trying to solve his attempted murder.
  • Midsomer Murders (50 episodes)
    The Scilian Defence
    Midsomer Murders (50 episodes)
    Inspector Barnaby investigates murder mysteries in Middle England. Based on the novels by Caroline Graham.
  • Minder (16 free episodes)
    Minder (16 free episodes)
    Arthur Daley, a small-time crook, hires ex-boxer Terry McCann as his 'minder'. Terry's been in prison, but can he keep straight, and earn a decent living, if he's working for the 'King of Dodgy Deals'?
  • Moll Flanders (4 episodes)
    Moll Flanders
    Moll Flanders (4 episodes)
    A tale of crime, seduction, love affairs, incest and reform is unravelled as Moll Flanders leads us through her full life in this wonderful adaptation of Daniel Defoe's novel starring Alex Kingston, Daniel Craig and Diana Rigg.
  • Mom (5 free episodes)
    Mom (Year 1)
    Mom (5 free episodes)
    Mom stars Anna Faris as Christy, an alcoholic single mother whose newly found sobriety has given her the ability to see her life clearly. She doesn't like what she sees and sets about dealing with the consequences of her reckless decisions.
  • Monroe (5 episodes · 1 free)
    Episode 0003
    Monroe (5 episodes · 1 free)
    James Nesbitt stars as the brilliant and unusual neurosurgeon Gabriel Monroe, a flawed genius who never lets anyone forget his flaws or his genius, in a series of compelling stories about life or death situations.
  • Moto Gp Highlights (2 free episodes)
    Moto Gp Highlights (2 free episodes)
    Two-wheel action with highlights from the MotoGP season - 18 meetings beginning in Qatar, and ending in Valencia in Spain this November.
  • Movies Now (4 free episodes)
    Movies Now
    Movies Now (4 free episodes)
    The latest news and reviews of this week's film releases.
  • Mr Bean: Animated Series (20 free episodes)
    Mr Bean: Animated Series
    Mr Bean: Animated Series (20 free episodes)
    Animation based n the highly popular live action series of the same name with many of the same characters including the hapless Mr Bean and his long-suffering girlfriend Irma Gobb.
  • Mr Selfridge (1 free episode)
    Episode 0010
    Mr Selfridge (1 free episode)
    Mr Selfridge tells the story of 'Mile a Minute Harry', a man with a mission to make shopping as thrilling as sex. Harry wanted to indulge and empower women and so he opened the doors of his lavish department store, on London's famous Oxford Street.
  • Mrs Biggs (5 episodes)
    Episode 0001
    Mrs Biggs (5 episodes)
    The Great Train Robbery made Ronnie Biggs a household name. It was love at first sight for Charmian and Ronnie and when forced to choose between her family and the man she loved, she chose Ronnie. An inspiring true story of passion and sacrifice.
  • My Parents Are Aliens (17 free episodes)
    My Parents Are Aliens
    My Parents Are Aliens (17 free episodes)
    Young orphans, Mel, Josh and Lucy, can't believe their luck when they are fostered together under one roof. But just when it looks like they have the chance of a relatively normal life, they discover their new parents are aliens from planet Valux!