• Are You My Friend?
    Follow the lavish lives of six savvy champagne-swilling Beverly Hills women, born for shopping, partying and bitching.
  • The Real Housewives of Miami
    This branch of the popular reality series heads to America's Sunshine State to meet some of Miami's most affluent and glamorous female residents.
  • Real Stories with Ranvir Singh
    Ranvir Singh and Michael Underwood present this current affairs series, telling the unique stories of people involved in extraordinary, life-changing events.
  • Rebound (10 episodes)
    Rebound (10 episodes)
    Sean Fletcher hosts the quick fire quiz of knowledge and nerve as six contestants go head to head in a bid to win big money.
  • Episode 0006
    Richard Wilson goes on a driving tour of the UK, using 1930s Shell Guides.
  • Rising Damp (12 episodes)
    A Night Out
    Rising Damp (12 episodes)
    The chart-topping comedy series following the fortunes of sleazy boarding house owner Rigsby and his assorted tenants.
  • River Monsters (1 episode)
    River Monsters
    River Monsters (1 episode)
    Extreme angler, Jeremy Wade, is on the hunt for freshwater fish with a taste for human flesh.
  • The Royal (21 episodes)
    The Royal
    The Royal (21 episodes)
    Medical drama set in the swinging sixties. Rich in humour and tragedy, the show follows the staff and patients of a Yorkshire cottage hospital. Features guest appearances by characters from drama series 'Heartbeat' which is set in the same period.