• Sabotage
    Classic Hitchcock chiller. In 1930s London, cinema manager Karl Verloc (Oscar Homolka) is acting as a paid saboteur. His employers charge him with delivering a bomb to Piccadilly Circus. However, the police are already on his trail.
  • The Sandbaggers (1 episode)
    The Sandbaggers
    The Sandbaggers (1 episode)
    Roy Marsden stars as Neil Burnside, director of The Sandbaggers, a small and elite team in the British Secret Service who take on anything from assassination to aiding defectors to escape.
  • Sapphire and Steel (26 episodes)
    Sapphire and Steel
    Sapphire and Steel (26 episodes)
    The time-hopping adventures of two agents with super-human powers, set in a world where the future and the past collide and time overturns reality. Starring David McCallum and Joanna Lumley.
  • The Scapegoat (1 free episode)
    The Scapegoat
    The Scapegoat (1 free episode)
    John Standing is manoeuvred into swapping lives with the aristocratic Johnny Spence. John then finds himself irresistibly drawn into Johnny's life - with fatal consequences.
  • Second Thoughts (11 free episodes)
    Second Thoughts
    Second Thoughts (11 free episodes)
    'Second Thoughts' takes a refreshing look at modern life, exploring love and marriage the second time around, revealing that falling passionately in love in middle age is not the easiest of experiences.
  • Secret Diary of a Call Girl (13 episodes · 1 free)
    Secret Diary of a Call Girl
    Secret Diary of a Call Girl (13 episodes · 1 free)
    Drama series based on the best-selling, real life diaries of an upmarket escort. This programme is a deeper look into the world of the glamorous and intelligent Belle de Jour - Hannah to her family. Stars Billie Piper.
  • Secrets From the Workhouse (2 free episodes)
    Secrets From the Workhouse
    Secrets From the Workhouse (2 free episodes)
    Felicity Kendal, Brian Cox, Kiera Chaplin, Fern Britton and Barbara Taylor Bradford delve into Victorian poverty and uncover the workhouse skeletons in their family closet.
  • Share a Story - Behind the Scenes
    CITV takes you for an exclusive peek behind the scenes of the Bafta- winning Share a Story competition, with the chance to meet this year's winners, animators and designers.
  • Sharpe (5 episodes)
    Sharpe's Company
    Sharpe (5 episodes)
    Sean Bean stars in these dramas set during the Napoleonic wars of 19th century Spain. Hard-hitting action adventures based on Bernard Cornwell's best-selling novels bring to the screen all the danger and romance of one of the bloodiest periods.
  • Sherlock Holmes (3 free episodes)
    Sherlock Holmes
    Sherlock Holmes (3 free episodes)
    Sherlock Holmes is one of the world's greatest and most popular fictional detectives. His acute perception and powers of observation are called upon in solving a compendium of crime. As ever, Dr Watson is on hand as his indispensable assistant.
  • The Shout
    A macabre tale about a man who claims he has the power to kill using a horrifying 'death shout'. A composer and his wife agree to letting the man stay, since the husband wishes to hear the 'shout' for himself. Starring Alan Bates.
  • Soldier, Soldier (14 episodes)
    Soldier, Soldier
    Soldier, Soldier (14 episodes)
    Soldiers, wives and girlfriends learn to live with the highs and lows of military and domestic life in this compelling drama series starring Robson Green and Jerome Flynn.
  • Sooty (7 free episodes)
    The Sooty Show
    Sooty (7 free episodes)
    Children's comedy with puppets Sooty, Sweep and Soo.
  • Sophie's Choice
    A tragic tale of a writer's love for a holocaust survivor. Adapted from William Styron's best-selling novel, it tells the story of two star-crossed lovers and the unforgettable choice Sophie (Meryl Streep) had to make in the concentration camp.
  • Sports Arena (3 episodes)
    Sports Arena
    Sports Arena (3 episodes)
    A fascinating insight into the lives of some of sport's most influential personalities.
  • Sports Life Stories (1 free episode)
    Sports Life Stories
    Sports Life Stories (1 free episode)
    Sporting legends speak honestly and candidly about their careers, giving a fascinating insight into the mindset required to reach the very top of their game.
  • Stephen Fry's Key to the City
    Stephen Fry discovers the hidden mysteries of the City of London, from the huge amount of cash in the Bank of England vaults to the terrors of Dead Man's Walk at the Old Bailey.
  • Stingray (10 episodes)
    Stingray (Pilot)
    Stingray (10 episodes)
    Set in 2064, security agency W.A.S.P. (World Aquanaut Security Patrol) battles beneath-the-sea enemies with Troy Tempest as Captain of the super-submarine Stingray.
  • Student Nurses: Bedpans and Bandages
    An observational series which follows student nurses at different stages of their training, revealing the challenges they face both in the classroom and on the wards.
  • Super Tiny Animals (3 episodes)
    Episode 0001
    Super Tiny Animals (3 episodes)
    From tea-cup Chihuahuas to miniature pigs the demand for mini-pets is growing but is it a lucrative business or a cruel genetic mutation? This documentary goes behind the scenes of what is fast becoming a multi-million pound industry.
  • Surprise Surprise - Mothers' Day Special
    Holly Willoughby highlights a woman who invented a special babygrow, WWE Superstars give a mum from Peckham the VIP treatment and Boyzone surprise a radio station boss in Swindon.
  • Switch (6 episodes)
    Switch (6 episodes)
    New comedy drama series about a coven of witches living in Camden.