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Coronation Street - Specials: Episode 1: 50 Years, 50 Moments (1)

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First of two documentaries celebrating the greatest moments in the history of Coronation Street to mark its 50th birthday. Featuring classic clips and revealing interviews.

Coronation Street - Specials

Some of the nation's favourite moments from Coronation Street are revisited in interviews with various cast members from throughout the history of the show.
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Coronation Street - 50 Years, 50 Moments series 8 2 episodes

Coronation Street - 50 Years, 50 Moments
A phenomenal 50 years on from the start of a national treasure, these are the 50 moments that sum up all that is great about Coronation Street and countdown the favourite moments, as voted for by...

Family Albums series 6 1 episode

Family Albums
This series celebrates viewers' favourite Coronation Street families. Each programme focuses on a different Corrie clan, featuring interviews with family members and re-living their most...

Greatest Love Triangles series 4 1 episode

Greatest Love Triangles
Some of the most memorable love triangles from over 40 years of soap opera Coronation Street are remembered. Cast members talk about filming love scenes and provide their own suggestions for a...

Coronation Street's Greatest Exits series 2 1 episode

Coronation Street's Greatest Exits
This Coronation Street special takes a trip down memory lane to see how some of the nation's best loved soap characters have made their dramatic exits. Cast members reveal the behind the...

A Nightmare on Coronation Street series 1 1 episode

A Nightmare on Coronation Street
Lock your doors, grab your cushion and sit on the edge of your seats as cast both past and present look back over a creepy collection of Corrie classics.