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Episode 2

2:00pm, Wednesday 23 January 2013
1 hour
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It's the reopening of Mara and a British wildlife charity is releasing a Vulture into the wild. Danny has a love interest in an English woman who comes to watch the release but Sarah prevents it going any further.

Wild at Heart

In this drama the Trevanion family decide to make a fresh start and emigrate to South Africa to set up an animal reserve. The programme follows them as they battle to get their business up and running and also struggle with their personal lives.
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Wild at Heart (Series 5) series 5 2 episodes

Wild at Heart series 3 8 episodes

Wild at Heart
There's a new American owner of Mara who at first appears friendly enough, but following a betrayal, turns nasty.

Wild at Heart series 1 6 episodes

Wild at Heart
When suburban vet Danny brings home a monkey which has been smuggled illegally into the country, the family decides to return the animal to its natural habitat in South Africa - and find themselves...