Family favourites: Spanish omelette with chip shop chips

You can’t beat a lovely bag of chip shops chips. Now you can savour this family favourite at home. Devour this delightful tortilla packed full of tomatoes, wild rocket and parmesan. Delicious!

Makes enough for 5 for brunch

Ingredients1 portion of chip shop chips (hot and fresh) or oven chips100ml olive oil1 large onion chopped200g sliced spicy chorizo4 eggsSalt & pepper

Tomato saladShallots (chopped)Good quality tomatoes - a mix of red and yellow is nice (sliced)Red wine vinegarOlive oil100g wild rocket20g shaved parmesan


  • Break eggs into a bowl and beat well with a pinch of salt. Pour into another bowl and reserve.

  • Now drop the chips into the bowl where you beat the eggs. It’s really important to have hot chips (or potatoes) so that your tortilla cooks all the way through. Break the chips up into rough chunks.

  • Cook sliced chorizo in pan until crispy.

  • Add cooked chorizo to the chips in a bowl.

  • Re-add the beaten egg to the bowl and combine until the chips start to soak up more of the egg. Add to your pan.

  • Cook it slowly on a low heat until set on one side - this will take about 3 minutes. Keep shaking the pan a little to keep the bottom from burning.

  • Use some kitchen paper to rub a little of the oil from the chorizo pan onto a large flat plate.

  • Place the plate on the top of the tortilla pan. Hold it tightly and tip upside down, so the tortilla turns out on the plate.

  • If necessary, slide the tortilla back into the pan to cook on the reverse side. It only needs 5 minutes more. Slide it out onto a clean plate.

  • Cut into wedges and serve with the tomato salad.

Tomato salad1. Add vinegar to tomatoes first before then adding the olive oil and seasoning.

  • Add shallots on top plus a little rocket and parmesan if you wish.