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Pub Grub: John’s beef burger

Take your burger recipe to new heights with John's beef burger. Quick to whip-up and sizzling in seconds, pile the onions on, and top with cheese for an indulgent dish set to tempt taste buds.

Serves 6

Ingredients1.2 kg beef mince (try to avoid lean mince)Vegetable oilSalt and pepper2 onions, sliced6 slices of processed cheese12 slices streaky bacon, cooked and crispy6 buns, cut in half

Garnishes for your burgers:Large gherkins, slicedMayonnaiseSpicy mayonnaiseColeslawA skewer to hold it all together!

Method1) Mix the beef mince in a mixing bowl until it comes together and is not too lumpy.

2) Heat a large fry pan over a high heat.

3) Divide the mince into 6 and roll each into a ball. Take each ball and press between 2 pieces of cling film so each patty is 1 cm thick, no more.

4) Oil the pattys well and season with salt and pepper, place in the hot pan oiled side down and keep the heat high. Scatter the sliced onions around.

5) After 90 seconds turn the pattys and let it sizzle again. After 60 seconds, turn the heat to low and then turn the pattys again and top each one with 2 slices of bacon and then place a slice of cheese on top of each one and leave the cheese to melt.

6) Pile the hot onions on top of the cheese and let the cheese melt slightly.

7) Make sure all your garnishes are ready to be put on.

8) Take the burgers from the pan and turn the heat up and now place the top of each bun into the pan and let them soak up the juice and toast, now do the same with the bases.

9) Put the burger together with your choice of garnishes and tuck in!

Logo of John and Lisa's Weekend Kitchen
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John and Lisa's Weekend Kitchen