Quick tiramisu

Because who doesn't love a tiramisu? Especially when it's as quick and easy as Lisa's super snappy version.

Serves: 6-8


Approx 16 sponge fingers

Approx 8 tbsp coffee liqueur

1 tbsp instant coffee 

100ml boiling water

50g sugar

1 tablespoon icing sugar 

600 ml double. Cream

250g mascarpone

4 tbsp hot chocolate (plus extra for dusting)

50 ml milk

Chocolate shavings


  • Whip the mascarpone and double cream to stiff peaks.

  • Mix 5 tbsp coffee liqueur with the instant coffee, boiling water and sugar.

  • Place the sponge fingers in a shallow dish and pour over the coffee mixture.

  • In another bowl combine 3 tbsp coffee liqueur with the icing sugar.

  • In a separate bowl mix the hot chocolate with the milk.

  • Split the whipped cream mixture evenly between the two bowls and fold together.

  • Layer the chocolate cream over the soaked sponge fingers, followed by another layer of fingers and then the coffee cream on top.

  • Sprinkle with hot choc powder and chocolate shavings.