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Rhubarb And Berry Plate Pie

John and Lisa have some great crowd pleasing dishes to bring the family together this weekend. To finish up it's a dessert packed with great seasonal fruit with Lisa's Rhubarb And Berry Plate Pie.

Rhubarb And Berry Plate Pie

Serves 6 - 8


 For The Pastry

  • 300g Plain Flour

  • 50g Icing Sugar

  • 150g Cold Cubed Butter

  • 1 Egg, Beaten Plus 1 Extra For Glazing 

  • 2 Tbsp Iced Cold Water

For The Filling:  

  • 150g Each Of Blackberries & Blueberries

  • 150g Strawberries, Trimmed & Quartered 

  • 200g Rhubarb, Trimmed & Roughly Chopped 

  • 1 X 8g Sachet Of Arrowroot

  • 1 Large Tbsp Ground Almonds

  • 3 Large Tbsp Soft Brown Sugar Or Caster Sugar

  • 1 Tbsp Vanilla Extract Or Vanilla Bean Paste

  • 1-2 Tbsp Water

  • Demerara Sugar, For Sprinkling


1. Preheat The Oven To 200ºc Or 180 ºc Fan.  In A Food Processor Or By Hand Mix Flour And Icing Sugar Together Then Add Butter And Pulse Until You Have Fine Breadcrumbs If Using Your Hands Rub The Butter Into The Flour And Sugar.  Add The Beaten Egg And 1-2 Tbsp Iced Water And Pulse Again Until The Pastry Just Comes Together. Shape Into A Ball, Cut Into 2 Balls, One Half About 2 Thirds Bigger Than The Other. Flatten Into A Disc And Wrap And Place In The Fridge. Allow To Rest For A Good Half An Hour. 

2. Lightly Grease An Enamel Plate Tin Or Tart Tin And Roll Out The Larger Of The Discs Into A Circle About ½ Cm Thick So That It Fits Your Pie Dish And Goes Up To The Edges. Let This Rest In The Fridge For At Least Half An Hour. 

3. Combine The Arrowroot, Sugar And Ground Almonds Then Whisk In The Vanilla Extract And Water. Mix All Your Fruit Together In A Large Bowl And Coat In The Sugar Paste. Fill The Pastry Lined Tart Tin With The Fruit.

4. Roll Out The Remaining Pastry Disc To About ½ Cm Thick To Fit On The Top Of The Tart. Then Cut Out Lots Of Little Star Shapes On Top And Place The Cut Out Pastry Stars On The Pie Too. Gently Press The Edges To Seal, Then Brush With Beaten Egg And Sprinkle With Demerara Sugar.  Bake In A Preheated Oven For Approx 30-35 Minutes Until Golden Brown. I Like To Serve Mine With Vanilla Spiked Whipped Cream.

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John and Lisa's Weekend Kitchen