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The Perfect Omelette & All Day Brekkie Omelette

The Perfect Omelette & All Day Brekkie OmeletteServes 1 one of each omelette

Ingredients - The perfect omelette

3 eggs 

1 tsp veg oil 

20g butter 

Salt & pepper 

Ingredients  - Breakfast omelette wrap

2 eggs 

Handful of chopped lardons 

1 tsp veg oil 

Hash browns, cooked

Sliced cheese 


Tortilla wrap, warmed

Method - The perfect omelette 1. Beat eggs in a small bowl. 2. Add a little oil to a cold pan and then turn on the heat. Once the oil begins to heat up, add the butter, keeping the temperature low. 3. Pour the egg mix into the pan and when it starts to bubble, use a spoon to pull bits of the omelette to one side of the pan, allowing raw egg to slide onto the other and cook. Keep repeating this until it is almost cooked through, but with a silky, runny top. 4. When nearly done, remove from the heat, sprinkle with cheese, parsley and seasoning. 5. Lift the pan and let the omelette tumble into a cigar shape, using a spatula to help if necessary. 5. Serve.

Method - Omelette wrap

1. Beat eggs in a small bowl with some salt and pepper. 2. Fry lardons in a pan and once crisp, add the beaten eggs. 3. Add cheese and any other desired fillings. 4. Spread the warmed tortilla with mayonnaise and slide the omelette on top. 5. Sprinkle over some chunks of hash browns and some sliced cheese and roll up.6. Cut in half and serve.

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