Yorkshire puds with sausage balls

These Yorkshire puds with sausage balls and gravy are gloriously good. Perfect for a hearty supper or Sunday lunch, the whole family are bound to enjoy them.

Serves: 12


Yorkshires puddings4oz plain flour10 fl oz of milkPinch of saltPepper1 egg1 Knorr chicken stock cube

Fillings6 pork and leek sausages

Gravy2 onions sliced2 cloves of garlicA few sprigs of thymeRed wineChicken stockGravy granules


Yorkshire puddings

  • Pour a little oil into each mould of a cupcake tin and sprinkle in a chicken stock cube.

  • Put into a hot oven for about 5 mins, while you make the batter.

  • Beat egg into milk, then make a well in the flour and beat the wet mix into the dry.

  • Rest mixture for at least an hour in fridge - or as long as possible.

  • Once rested, decant mix into a jug if necessary and open the oven door and pour directly into the cupcake moulds.

  • Cook at 200c for 20 minutes - do not be tempted to open the door.

Sausage balls

  • Remove sausage meat from skins and roll into balls - fry until crispy


  • Fry the onions and garlic in a pan with the thyme. Cook the onions until they are very soft. Add a good splash of red wine and reduce by half.

  • Add in 500 ml of chicken stock and simmer until reduced slightly, season to taste.

  • Add some gravy granules to thicken.

  • Assemble by dropping one sausage ball into each Yorkshire and topping up with gravy.