Aled Jones

Aled Jones reveals his diet secrets: 'I lost two stone on a juicing diet!'


He's not the little choir boy anymore!

The brilliant Aled Jones joined us to talk about his new album - One Voice At Christmas, losing weight and dodgy hair cuts...

And we gatecrashed his incredible performance of Walking In The Air (with his permission, obviously!)

On having a bad haircut in his choir boy picture
'You never get over your mum cutting your hair. Especially when the photos are there.'

On his Spitting Image fame
'I was only trendy once in sschool when they had a sketch on Spitting Image and they said "Aled Jones' voice is breaking in 10 minutes - that's 16 albums!" I just recorded albums. In four years I did 16 albums.'

On losing weight and Nadia calling him 'hot'
'I've been juicing quite a lot but I've put quite a bit on as I haven't had time to train. But January like everyone else I'll be back on it. I lost about two stone juicing. No one under the age of 70 has ever called me hot before!'

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