Actress Kathleen Turner: 'I was having dinner with Michael Douglas and his wife walked in - she didn't talk to me!'


Looking back at her 1980s movie career...'That clip of the song [When The Going Gets Tough by Billy Ocean] - we were shooting in Brixton and it was freezing cold. It was Billy Ocean so we came over to work with him. And when Danny DeVito came out with the bass sax that was literally as big as he is, I lost it. I laughed so hard we had to stop and re-do my make-up.'

On having feelings for Michael Douglas when filming Romancing The Stone... 'I was feeling rather romantic towards Michael. He was separated and I was single. We came back from the set one day and all the company were sitting down for dinner and in walked his wife, she later became ex. So that was that. You don't mess with other women's marriages. She didn't talk to me at all.'

On reports some Hollywood men had bets on who would sleep with her first...'Jack Nicholas told me that after Body Heat, when I was the new girl in town that [some actors] had a bet about who would "get me" first. Lovely term. Respectful. And none of them is the answer.'

On her one woman show...'It's my fourth career - I act, direct and teach. Now I'm singing. It's something I wrote and worked on with friends and it's about me. It's very different not playing a character.'

On not going under the knife...'I've earned these wrinkles. I know exactly where they've come from.'

Watch the video to see the full chat with Kathleen including how she secretly suffered from rheumatoid arthritis.