Coronation Street's Amanda Barrie: 'I was terrified - I would have lost my job because I was gay'


She's most famous for her role as Alma Sedgewick in Coronation Street but Amanda opened up about how terrifies she was of the press during her years on the top soap.

Amanda, 81, said the press found out about her sexuality and she was terrified that she would lose her job on Corrie.

'The trouble with me was that somebody tipped them the wink about my sexuality. From there on I was hounded.

'People got into my hotel bedroom and they followed me into places. The whole thing about it was at the time I was so terrified - at the time I would've lost my job because I was gay. Not now. I honestly believe that.'

'I felt really guilty myself because they made me felt guilty and I felt I couldn't look the audience in the eye. I'm absolutely for freedom of the press and if you're in Coronation Street fair game, but there's a certain integrity of the press.'

Amanda is now married to her long-term partner Hilary Bonner, although she admitted, 'I've never called her my wife!'