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Andrea McLean emotionally announces she's leaving Loose Women

Andrea McLean emotionally announced that she's leaving Loose Women after 13 years at the helm.

Speaking to her fellow panellists Linda, Brenda and Saira, Andrea revealed she has made the difficult decision to focus on her website and brand and will be leaving the show later this year.

During a segment about how the pandemic has made us reflect on our lives, Andrea explained how it has had a profound impact on her. 

"Like so many people this has been a time to hugely reflect and think back. So many people have been talking about how they can’t wait for life to get back to normal. I, like many people, did that and thought: '"Do I want my life to go back to the normal that it was before?'"

She continued: "You get one life, are you living it the way that you want? And are you doing everything that you want to do? Are you being brave? Are you taking chances? And I realised, no."

Becoming emotional, Andrea added: "I didn’t think I was going to cry. I’ve told you ladies just before we came on air. I’m going to be leaving Loose Women because I want to be brave... all the incredible feedback that I had from my book and the support I was able to give them, I want to bring it to life. It was a really, really big decision to jump and see if I fall or if I fly. And I just thought, I will never know unless I try, so I am saying goodbye to Loose Women."

Andrea went on to reveal how the decision was totally hers and thanked the Loose Women and ITV families for the support she has received behind the scenes. 

Andrea concluded the show, saying: “This is not goodbye, it’s au revoir because I am still going to be here right up until Christmas!”

Loose Women Editor Sally Shelford said: "Andrea has been an important member of the Loose Women family for an incredible 13 years, sharing laughs, opinions, fun and friendship with our viewers. As well as being a much-loved anchor and friend, over the years she has been a passionate supporter of our award-winning Lighten the Load and Body Stories campaigns. We are very sad to say goodbye, but she will always be part of the Loose family and we wish her all the best for her exciting new chapter."

You can watch Andrea's emotional announcement in the video above.

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