Anthea Turner at 60: I've never been happier

Anthea Turner celebrated her 60th birthday with the Loose Women and told them she's feeling rather good about reaching the major milestone.

"I might be old but I'm happy," she told the panel as she reflected on life, love and her broadcasting career.

"I’ve never valued my health so much and I’ve never valued actually savouring the moment and not always worrying and thinking ‘am I doing the right thing?’," she said while reflecting on her time working in television.

"I don’t think I savoured any of it because I was always worried or looking behind my back, or not quite sure I was in the right place. I am now."

Anthea, who was due to marry her partner, Mark, in Rome later this year, said she's also not too worried about having had to cancel her upcoming wedding.

"It wasn’t like we had gone and invited everybody and we’d booked everything, it wasn’t like that, so we’d had every intention of getting married in Italy in September, but it’s probably… well it is going to be next year now," she explained.

"We haven’t even tried to make any plans because there’s no point. So we might as well just park it."

Watch Anthea's chat in the video above and catch her full interview - including the details of her new romance, her SAS: Who Dares Wins experience and her plans for the future - on the ITV Hub.

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