Chloe Madeley and James Haskell on why she's freezing her eggs: 'I don't know if I wants kids so I'm hedging my bets'


While they're famous for fitness, Chloe and James talked relationships on the show - and Chloe revealed she's looked into freezing her eggs.

Chloe explained: 'I talk about it because I’m 30 now and I really don’t know if I want kids. And I think being a 30-year-old woman saying that is quite a big deal to some people. I think a lot of people, my mother [Judy Finnigan] included, turn around and say, "What if when you decide you do it’s too late?" So I’m definitely considering freezing my eggs, just in case, just to hedge my bets. But my god is it a lot of money. Tens of thousands…'

James, whose fitness book Perfect Fit: The Winning Formula is out now, added: 'I would probably rather have a Lamborghini at this point.'

And we quizzed the couple about whether they have plans to marry after dating for three-and-a-half years.

'I love Chloe, I want to marry her. 2018 could be the year,' England rugby player James said before joking, 'I don’t know, I’ll see if Elizabeth Duke has got any good diamond rings for £100.'

Chloe also talked about her famous TV parents - Richard Madeley and Judy - and whether they follow her fitness advice.

'No, you learn up as you grown up that your parents are adults too. They are stubborn,' Chloe, who has just released her new book The 4 Week Body Blitz, explained. 'Dad has always been naturally physically active.

'Mum isn’t interested,' Chloe added. 'I have to say her diet is now amazing. Her palate has changed. She has got into sushi, raw fish and whole grain salad. She has dropped the pounds naturally.'

Watch the video to see the full chat with Chloe and James.

Chloe Madeley and James Haskell have been dating for three-and-a-half years