Coleen celebrates as sisters Linda and Anne ring the bell to mark the end of their chemotherapy

Andrea, Saira and Denise joined Coleen in a joyful Loose Women celebration as she announced that her sisters, Linda and Anne, have now both rung the bell to mark the end of their chemotherapy.

Coleen became very emotional earlier this year when discussing their cancer diagnoses and was thrilled to reveal that their chemotherapy sessions had come to an end.

"Someone ringing that bell, I didn't realise it was so emotional," Coleen said. "You think, 'What can ringing a bell mean?'"

"Anne rang it a few weeks before Linda, and Linda cried at the end when she rang it. When you first go in there and all of that is ahead of you, and you see that bell and think you are so far away from ringing that," she continued.

"It's a massive deal, they have gone through hell in their treatment, it has been gruelling and hard," Coleen said. "It made them very very ill actually, and now hopefully that's a great sign that they have done the worst and they can start to mend and heal."

We're sending all of our love to the Nolan family.

Catch Coleen's chat in the video above and watch the full episode on the ITV Hub.

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