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Coronation Street's Vicky Entwistle and Bruce Jones have a tearful Battersby reunion on Loose Women

Vicky Entwistle and Bruce Jones - aka one of Coronation Street’s most iconic and explosive couple, Janice and Les Battersby - tearfully reunited on screen as part of Loose Women’s Reunions Week. 

Getting emotional seeing Bruce on screen, Vicky said: “[It’s been] years [since we've seen each other] – four years, maybe five. You look gorgeous still!" Bruce replied: "So do you, you look absolutely beautiful, you’ve never changed. I'm nearly in tears looking at you, the memories are flooding back."

The pair shared memories of their early days on the Corrie cobbles as they reflected on their time on the soap.

"The first day we met, we gelled," said Bruce. "It was such a great thing for me to have an actress of Vicky's standard. We just gelled and became The Battersbys."

"The pair of us were scared at first. When we read the first scripts, I thought we’re never going to get away with this, we're going to be hated. But we did it. We worked hard and we did it. Vicky got me through quite a lot of it. I just wanted to be an actor."

They shared memories of being "hated" for their on-screen antics and reflected on some the Battersbys' most devious deeds. "We used to get told off like you wouldn’t believe," Vicky confessed. "They’d say 'cut' and we’d be laughing our heads off over what we had to say or do – it was really outrageous."

"We were like: 'We’re going to ruin this programme!'. We'd both separately been watching it for years. Then all of a sudden, he’s got to headbutt Curly and I’ve got to shout at everyone. We’re like, ‘No one’s going to like us!’ And to be honest, I don’t think they did!"

Asked if they’d consider a return, Vicky said: "If they gave us the Rovers, Bruce, what do you think? Would you be up for running that with me?"

"I would," he replied. "But I’d only go back with you".

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