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Coronation Street's Lucy Fallon: 'My dad finds Bethany Platt's grooming storyline difficult to watch'


With the nation gripped by the controversial Bethany Platt grooming storyline, Corrie's Lucy joined us to talk about how proud she is of the soap tackling such an important subject - and why her boyfriend refuses to watch it!

‘Quite a lot of people have said it shouldn’t be on at this time, it’s difficult to watch,’ Lucy, 21, explained.

'I've seen on Twitter there are a lot of fans and fan pages who are 14, or around that age, and they're the people we want to target. So people that are saying it shouldn't be on at this time, it's important it's on at this time.'

But Lucy does admit filming the scenes in which Bethany is being groomed and sexually abuse by her 'boyfriend' Nathan hard.

‘I was really nervous,’ Lucy, who is up for Best Actress at the British Soap Awards, said. ‘I’ve only been in the show for two years – it’s a big responsibility for me. I want to do it justice for survivors. As an actor, it's something to sink your teeth into.’

Lucy and Coronation Street made sure the storyline was responsibly researched and spoke to the NSPCC as well as survivors of sexual abuse.

‘We spoke to the NSPCC, we spoke to someone called Lucy who told us her story. If I am finding it difficult, I think about her - it takes away how I'm feeling and more about how she would be feeling,' Lucy told us.

‘You do really get into it, we've done on some scenes which have been very harrowing, horrible scenes,’ she explained.

'It's horrific. I don't think there's any way you can get out of it but I have a long drive home, so I zone out and listen to music and by the the time I get home I feel normal,' she added.

And Lucy's boyfriend Tom Leech, who joined her in the studio audience, revealed he found it difficult to watch the upsetting scenes - while Lucy's family chose not to watch her scenes either.

'I don't think my dad can watch it at the moment. And my boyfriend doesn't because he finds it too uncomfortable,' Lucy told us.

Watch the video to see Lucy's interview in full...

Lucy Fallon is up for Best Actress at the British Soap Awards
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