Danielle Lloyd on sending her son to therapy: I couldn't let him struggle

Danielle Lloyd told the Loose Women that she made the decision to send her son to therapy when she realised he needed support to talk about his feelings.

"He wasn't able to speak to me properly and I think that was due to me and his dad splitting up," she explained. "He bottled a lot up and I could tell with his behaviour that something wasn't right."

"I just thought 'no, I've got to do something about this, I can't let him struggle'," she continued, speaking in support of Loose Women's Lighten The Load Kids campaign, which encourages people to talk to their children about mental health.

Watch Danielle's chat about spotting the signs that her son needed extra support and hear her thoughts about the benefits of speaking to children about mental health in the video above.

You can catch her full chat - including why she's put her plans to undergo gender selection on hold - on the ITV Hub.

If you've been affected by any of the issues raised you can find more information about the supports available via our Lighten The Load campaign or mental health helplines.

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