Davina McCall on menopause: 'I was waking up soaked in sweat thinking there was something wrong with me'

Davina McCall told the Loose Women that she had absolutely no idea what was happening to her when she first started experiencing menopause symptoms at the age of 44.

She shared her experience of perimenopause with Andrea, Denise, Brenda and Kelle as we kicked off Loose Women's Menopause Week.

"Nobody told me about it. I hadn’t learned about it at school, from my mum or my big sister. It was the thing nobody talked about it," she explained.

"There was so much shame about it. It was a sign you’d dried up, you were past your sell by date, you were at the end of your life, which in Victorian days, I suppose you were... but now we live until we’re 80, we’re right in the middle of our lives."

Davina revealed how her experience had left her worrying for her health.

Obviously I’m a reformed addict and I was waking up soaked in sweat, having to put towels on the bed, thinking 'there’s something wrong with me, I've got the flu or a virus or something'," she said. "It really reminded me of when I was using and I really hated it."

She explained how she'd managed to control her symptoms by taking Hormone Replacement Treatment (HRT) and was joined by menopause specialist, Dr Louise Newson, who shared her professional advice for women who might be going through something similar.

Watch their chat in the video above and catch the full episode on the ITV Hub.

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