Denise and Brenda reflect on the grief they felt after Princess Diana's death

Denise and Brenda shared memories of the sense of devastation they felt in the aftermath of Princess Diana's death during a discussion about how celebrity deaths can make us feel.

The Loose Women were discussing the topic after the passing of Glee star Naya Rivera, actress Kelly Preston and Elvis Presley's grandson Benjamin Keough.

Brenda said she could understand the intense emotions people feel when a celebrity they admire passes away and explained how she'd been deeply affected by the deaths of Whitney Houston and Princess Diana.

"I have never been affected to this day by the death of someone I didn't know like I was with Princess Diana," Denise added, recalling the fact that she'd just joined the cast of Coronation Street at the time.

"I was devastated to the point that I nearly made myself ill," she admitted.

You can watch their discussion about grieving a celebrity in the video above (the full chat is available on the ITV Hub) and find helplines and more information about coping with grief, loss and bereavement here.

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