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Dr Ranj on our Body Stories campaign: 'I won't take my shirt off on the beach. I’m not the most body confident person'


This Morning's resident medic Dr Ranj also appeared on the show to talk about his involvement in our Body Stories campaign.

And Ranj discussed his own body image issues. ‘I wouldn’t even take my shirt off at the beach. I won’t go swimming. I wasn’t very body confident as a kid. I’ve got two brothers.I felt like the ugly sister,’ he explained

And Ranj revealed he was very nervous about taking his top off and taking part in our photo shoot. 'I'd had a few special grape juices on the day to try and get warmed up! Even still, I mean… look at those guys. Some of them are incredible. I’m not completely 100% happy with myself. I’m a work in progress. I’m on a journey.

Dr Ranj has said it’s time he and others speak up: 'Male body confidence is a growing problem and I think it’s an issue we need to wake up to and talk about and allow other people to talk about it, particularly young people.

'I’m not the most body confident person and I’m the last person who’s going to take their top off on holiday. I hate going swimming because it means I have to take my top off and this was a message to myself to say, you can do this, you can feel comfortable in your own skin and it’s important for you to do this and hopefully that’s the first step in me feeling a bit more confident about myself.'

'There is no doubt we men are the privileged gender. Because of that I think people assume we don’t have issues. But the truth is, quite rightly, that we have just the same issues as everyone else, but nobody talks about it.'

'We need to create an environment where people are able to open up and speak on it. If we don’t, it’s a ticking time bomb.'

Watch both our videos with Dr Ranj to to see his interview in full.

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