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EastEnders' Patsy Palmer admits: 'I haven't watched it for ages'


We loved her as Bianca Jackson in EastEnders on and off for 20 years. And Patsy appeared on the show to talk about her new life in America - a world away from Albert Square!

When we asked for her best, 'Riiiiiiiiiiiiiicky', Patsy insisted she never even said it!

'I don't think I ever said that. That was actually said by Jonathan Ross in that way and then maybe it got played up more after that,' Patsy told us.

But our Jane then interjected: 'You did! It was in the clip!"

Patsy claimed that it 'makes your life hell' having a catchphrase like that attached!

Patsy Palmer joined us to talk about life after EastEnders

She played Bianca from 1993 to 1999, and then from 2008 to 2014. But Patsy doesn't seem to be in a rush to return to Walford.

'I haven't watched it for ages, but it used to be really well written,' Patsy said.

'We had two episodes a week, and everyone wanted to know what was going on. There were also no spoilers. I used to moan and ask, 'Why are you telling everyone what's going on?'

'There's supposed to be a cliffhanger and you want to know what's going to happen next.'

Patsy, who is now living in Malibu, California with her family, also commented on co-star Danielle Westbrook's personal problems. Patsy said: 'She's so sweet. We all went through our own struggles. Everybody did and it was just intense.'

Watch the video to see the interview and watch Martine McCutcheon send her a special message!

Our Martine sent her old EastEnders' co-star Patsy a special video message
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