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Tuesday 16th April

Christine's - Cream Knit Top & White Denim Skirt

Coleen - Floral Blouse

Janet - Lime Jumper

Brenda - Pink Jumpsuit

Monday 15th April

Coleen - Blue Ruched Blazer

Brenda's jumpsuit is from Damsel in a Dress

Denise - Red Lace Blouse

Friday 12th April

Kaye - Khaki Dress

Kelly - Olive Trousers

Judi - Denim Dress

Nadia - Berry Suit Jacket & Trousers

Thursday 11th April

Kaye's dress is from Whistles

Frankie - Pink Waistcoat & Trousers

Judi - Long Sleeve Mesh Dress

Nadia's dress is from Jigsaw

Wednesday 10th April

Coleen's suit is from Marks and Spencer

Judi's dress is from Fashion SZN

Janet's top is from Mango and her skirt is from Zara

Tuesday 9th April

Coleen - Contrast Blouse

Brenda - Blue Ruched Blazer

Kelly - Blue Blazer

Friday 5th April

Kaye - Paisley Blue Dress

Kelly - Denim Shirt & Olive Trousers

Nadia - Indigo Blouse & Stripe Side Trousers

Jane - Peach Suit Jacket & Trousers

Thursday 4th April

Kaye - Blue Blouse & Navy Tailored Trousers

Coleen - Abstract Blouse

Kelly - Beige Jumpsuit

Denise - Pink Blazer & Trousers

Wednesday 3rd April

Linda - Pink Textured Midi Dress

Coleen's blouse is from Live Unlimited

Denise - Floral Blouse & Trousers

Tuesday 2nd April

Charlene's top is from Paisie

Linda - Pink Shirt Dress

Brenda's jumpsuit is from Libby London

Kelle's leather shirt is from Massimo Dutti

Monday 1st April

Jane - Linen Blazer & Trousers

Linda's dress is from Hush

Brenda - Cream Jumpsuit

Kelle - Blue Top & Silver Trousers

Logo of Loose Women
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Weekdays 12.30pm