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Everything you need to know about this week's looks

Love what the Loose Women are wearing on the show this week? Here are all the details...

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Monday 22nd January

Ruth - Camel Blazer & Trousers

Linda - Leopard Print Dress

Brenda - Girl In Mind

Tuesday 23rd January

Ruth - Pale Blue Blazer & Trousers

Sue - Red Turtle Neck Jumper

Linda - Navy Blue Dress

Brenda - Blue Jumpsuit

Wednesday 24th January

Christine - Grey Cardigan & Skirt

Janet - Orange Jumper from Uniqlo.

Katie - Brown Shirt & Trousers

Thursday 25th January

Christine - Purple Trousers

Sunetra - Green Dress

Judi - Red Dress

Nadia - Blue Knit (Reiss) and Trousers (TK Maxx)

Friday 26th January

Kaye - Green Knit Top & Skirt

Kelly - Blue Blazer & Trousers

Judi - Pink Mesh Dress

Nadia - Red Bodysuit & Wide Leg Trousers

Logo of Loose Women
itv |

Weekdays 12.30pm