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Foster mum's hell: 'He was an adult refugee posing as a child. He was arrested and removed but threatened to kill me'


A British foster mum took in refugee Abdul, a 'quiet country lad' from Afghanistan after being told he was 12 year old - but ended up living in fear for her life.

Appearing on the show anonymously, 'Julie' spoke to Ruth and Saira about how she became scared when he became 'menacing' when she took him into her home – and threatened to kill her family when police were involved.

Social workers had told her Abdul was just 12 but he was far older than he claimed.

Julie told us: 'When I walked into the room I didn’t think he was the person they were referring to. He looked about 19. He was very quiet and very timid. Obviously I just took it like he was in shock.'

'I didn’t want to hurt his feelings, I don’t usually take teenagers, I take younger children, but I thought he needed a home and didn’t think anymore of it, ' she explained.

'We went to a dental appointment and the dentist age-assessed him between 18 and 21.'

Julie later discovered he had looked up 'extremist' websites on his phone and had joked in messages to friends that about tricking Britain into thinking he was a child.

Police arrested him but Julie was left afraid for her family's safety.

'He made threats before police took him. He did say, "I’ll kill you all, I know where you live",' she said.

'I’m very frightened, I know he’s not being properly watched, I’ve changed the locks and I’m constantly vigilant."

Julie later found out he had been arrested in Belgium while posing as a child refugee.

She added: 'I found out that he claimed asylum there as 17-year-old. I couldn’t understand why that information wasn’t passed on to me.'

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