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Frankie and Wayne Bridge on mental health: 'I didn't realise just talking to someone can make you feel that much better'

Ex footballer Wayne Bridge told the Loose Women that his wife Frankie's mental health experience has taught him that it's much better to talk about his feelings.

"I didn't realise just talking to someone can make you feel that much better," Wayne said.

Frankie praised her husband for the support he gave her and said she'd sometimes thought his life might have been easier "if he’d met someone that didn’t have mental health problems".

However, Wayne was quick to point out that he too had struggled, particularly with self-confidence during his days on the pitch.

Wayne encouraged other footballers to be more vocal about their feelings.

"They should do, be it with someone professionally or just being more open with their other halves, like I’ve started to with Frankie. Once you get it out you do feel so much better," he said.

And they both shared their support for Loose Women's Stand By Your Men campaign, which aims to encourage viewers to talk to the men in their lives about mental health.

"It’s taken me a long time to crack him, even when we first met I remember there was a particular day where it was like the first time he opened up to me," said Frankie.

"In sport I think it's so much harder, they don’t seem to have that sort of relationship."

Watch that chat in the video above.

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