Frankie Bridge opens up about her battle with depression and anxiety

To mark World Mental Health Day, former Saturdays star Frankie Bridge joined the Loose Women panel to speak openly about her struggle with depression and anxiety.

In the week ITV launches it’s Britain Get Talking campaign, Frankie explains why it is so important to have a day dedicated to mental health. “We are always encouraging everyone to speak out about their mental health but by having a day… it forces you to acknowledge it.”

Frankie Bridge on Loose Women
Credit: ITV

Having suffered with both anxiety and depression since her teens, the former child star talks about how she tackles mental health now she is a mother to two young boys what signs to look out for.

“I know one of my sons is a real deep thinker and I see a lot of myself in him, so already I’m aware that maybe he’s a little bit more like me. So I try to be sensitive to that and not bat off his feelings and his worries.”

“When I grew up, you pushed a lot of things under the carpet… and I think I just try not to do that with them.”

Acknowledging how attitudes towards the issue have changed over the years, the mental health advocate revealed how her sons’ school runs mental health classes adding: “I thought that was amazing…[it] just shows how far we’ve come.”

She goes on to talk about her new book, Open and how her former bandmate Mollie King helped her through her darkest moments.

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