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Here's how to solve the maths brain teaser that baffled the Loose Women group chat

The famous Loose Women WhatsApp group has been abuzz with talk of a seemingly simple maths puzzle that had quite a few of the women scratching their heads.

Who knew a picture of a boy, some shoes and two cones of what looks like popcorn could lead to so much chaos?

Kaye and Ian were up all weekend trying to figure it out, Stacey had to break her mathematical workings down for the group and even the Loose Women production team couldn't resist getting involved.

Watch the video above to hear exactly what happened and see the group chat explode!

So, how on earth are you supposed to come up with the correct answer? Well, as the women explained, it requires two things - attention to detail and knowledge of the BODMAS rule.

What is BODMAS?

BODMAS is a mathematical rule that dictates the order in which you have to work out a maths problem. It says you have to do anything in Brackets first, then move on to Orders (powers or square roots), followed by Division and then Multiplication. Addition and Subtraction come last.

Still confused? Don't worry, you're not alone. Denise had never heard of BODMAS so we'll use this Loose Women puzzle to explain how it works.

We already have our answers for the first three lines, so we can work out that Denise = 5, Brenda = 5 and Nadia = 2. Now all we have to do is apply that logic to the last line.

So, with BODMAS in mind, we work out the value of the 5 grouped women (technically our brackets) and get 19. We then multiply that 19 by Nadia (2) to get 38. Finally, we add Denise (5) and end up with 43.

And for those who tried out the version of the puzzle we shared on Twitter and Instagram stories, yep, Nadia and Andrea could technically both be worth 1, 2 or 3.

So if you got 24 or 62 using the version of the puzzle you see above, you can still give yourselves a big old mathematical pat on the back.

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